How to Pick the Best Air Hockey Tables?

How to Pick the Best Air Hockey Tables?

An air hockey table could be the ideal option for you to pick if you are looking for the next home or office upgrade. Aside from helping to increase the family bond time, it could also help with improving the look of any bare space in the home. For office use, you surely will find that it could help stimulate your team to be more productive and get better results as they take time to refresh the mind.

But while you may already be pondering on the potential of playing the game once the unit arrives, you will need help with making the right choice from the many options available. You will find below expert players’ suggestions on picking the best air hockey tables for your needs.

Material Construction

You clearly want tables that are built from the best material and can handle rigorous gameplay. This will be ideal if you are looking to get a unit for commercial use or that can withstand heavy adult playing force. It will also be worth looking into if you want to buy a dedicated air hockey table for the house that will still be in good shape for years to come.

You can find wooden air hockey tables  that are made from hardwood and a combination of other materials that will enable them to encourage proper gameplay. While you want something that is stylish and helps to improve the look of your space, you also want to make sure that you get one that is long-lasting.

The Table Size

You can be sure that the ideal size should be large enough for players to enjoy the game. Air hockey tables are almost the same size as pool tables and can also be reduced to manage the available space if you choose to go for a custom option. But the ideal size should be something that runs between 5 and 20 feet and should be as wide as 8 feet for the best gaming experience. 

You will also need to make sure there are no obstructions such as walls and the likes that can cause problems with making the perfect shot. A minimum 2 feet spacing around the edges of the table should be enough to encourage proper gameplay.

Small or Large Puck Size

Another serious consideration is the size of the puck which could either be small or large depending on the size of the players. Smaller-sized pucks are best for kids looking to get a handle on the game, and while the larger option is best for adults who enjoy a stiffer competition when playing air hockey. Smaller-sized pucks are cheap and not a good option for commercial purposes since they feature a less powerful blower engine.

Also, due to the small nature of the pucks, they tend to fly off when they are hit with a force so not ideal for adult use. The large option is more ideal for arcade purposes where you can find them at the bar, offices where adults can loosen up over drinks or before getting back to work. This website has suggestions for where you can place air hockey tables. 

How Much Are You Willing to Splurge

Your budget will likely play a role in the decision-making process of which air hockey table will be best for you. And as you imagined, will find them available in different price ranges. So you first want to consult your wallet to know how high you can go when in the market for one. 

Ideally, the higher the price the higher the quality of the materials used, and if you want a unit that will last long, you want to shell out a good price for it. You can find options that sell for less than $100 and those that can be as much as nearly $1000 or more. So you want to think about this one carefully.

Type of Scoring

When it comes to scoring or air hockey tables, you can find manual and digital options that help you keep the score of the game. You can choose to do this manually, or buy a unit that is equipped with a computer for this purpose. 

Computer-aided scoring is more ideal for arcade-style air hockey tables as they take perform functions like halt the blower when one player wins. It doesn’t matter which one you choose especially if you know the rules of the game and know how to keep scores. This page here  has more on air hockey rules. 


You will also need to get the right accessories for the game. This includes mallets, paddles, and pushers. The size of the mallet usually depends on the size of the table and can be as a diameter of 4 inches. But you can also find smaller options that will be ideal for kiddie’s air hockey tables. 

Bottom Line

You have to care for your air hockey tables to ensure that they last longer and provide a good return on the investment if you are shopping for commercial purposes. Getting quality options is important to avoid getting a replacement when they get damaged. You also want to keep them away from water and sun exposure to avoid damage to the construction.

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