How to Open the Sim Trap Door Easily Without the Need for a Tool.

For some reason you need to open the SIM trap on your phone? The operation has become much more subtle since our smartphones no longer have removable batteries, and require a small tool to open the dedicated hatch. You don’t have it on you? Don’t panic, our editors give you their MacGyver advice on how to get out of it.

Do you remember when smartphones used to allow us to easily remove the battery and access the various slots dedicated to the SIM or micro SD? Difficult, isn’t it? Indeed, the evolution of our smartphone designs has meant that this possibility was quickly erased.

There are many reasons for this. One will obviously think of unibody designs, which are aesthetically more successful and allow much more madness to the manufacturer, such as the new rounded and borderless smartphones with the Xiaomi Mi Mix

However, the biggest acceptable reason will continue to be the growing popularity of IP68 certification, which makes our phones water-resistant and waterproof to 1 meter. Perfect for holidays as well as for the little daily problems.

Problem being that all this made an operation difficult to carry out: simply change your SIM, or even micro SD card, on your device in a single gesture when you don’t have the little dedicated tool on you. Don’t panic: MacGyver came into the editorial office to give us his advice.

These everyday objects can help you open the SIM trap of your smartphone

In order to be able to open the hatch without having the tool on you, you’ll have to be clever. In truth, it is only a matter of pressing on the bottom of a cylinder to propel the hatch forward. And for that, we’re going to have to find something thin and long enough to make the operation a success. Here’s what we use for troubleshooting:


We rarely think about it, but one of the first things we can find on ourselves or our friends is none other than the perfect SIM trap opening tool: an earring! Practical since it is available everywhere, you can even use it as an excuse to start a conversation in the evening. “Oh boy, I have to put my SD mic on to keep taking pictures of this great night but I don’t have the tool on me”, the best pickup line ever.

Paper clip

We are talking here of course about the small object to keep leaves between them and not the instrument. A paper clip is the perfect size to fit into a phone. It’s a trick used by all retailers in mobile stores, believe us.

Pins and badges

Are you the type to personalize your bags and clothes by adding pins and badges gleaned here and there? Be aware that most small badges have a shaft thin enough to be used as a troubleshooting SIM trap opening tool. Practical in mobility of the blow! Take it easy though, the tip is sharp.


In the field of very thin metal rods, you can’t do better than the good old needle! Who would have thought that this far from modern tool would have a double use in this contemporary era? If you have enough to patch up your socks with holes, you have enough to open your hatch quietly. Again, easy, it’s sharp.


You have to be creative to get out of complicated situations. Look around: don’t you have a poster hanging on the wall? The little bugs that hold it in place, if they are long enough, can also be used as a makeshift tool!


You have no friends around, no poster, no desk, you don’t like pine trees and you throw your stuff out with holes in it? As a last resort, consider visiting your garage: maybe you have a nail thin enough to dislodge that stubborn little drawer!

Be careful: normally, you have to take it easy. Place the tip perfectly vertical and push. Also never use rusty, damaged tips in poor condition. You could break the tip in the hole of the trapdoor, and potentially let a piece of metal wander on the motherboard of your smartphone (and usually they don’t like that at all).

Do you have your own little trick that’s not on this list? Feel free to share them with us as a comment. We will then update this file so that the whole community can finally stop looking everywhere for their SIM trap tool!

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