How to max out rewards in the Hunt: Showdown As the Crow Flies event

are 2 events in the current How the Crow Flies – The Hunt act: Players participating in battles must earn farming points to obtain items and cosmetics for different types of battle passes within a limited time. The event ends on the 12th. Players have until that date to unlock all the rewards, including the coveted Plague Doctor skin and the menacing Shrike bomb lance.

The goal, of course, is to score the most points before the end of the game, and here’s how the points are counted:

  • Killing Crows – 1 event point
  • Destroy a small bird model -1 Event Point
  • Destroy a large bird model – 2 event points
  • Learn the event clue – 2 event points
  • Killing the album – 6 event points
  • Kill every other boss – 3 points per event

There are a few simple methods to help you get the most points per game and maximize your rewards during the As the Crow Flies in Hunt event: Autopsy.

Weapon with silencer

The easiest way to get points during an event is to trample or otherwise destroy the bird models. They are used a lot on cards, especially since the 31st. March, when Crytek expanded its staff to help Hunt: Showbiz players get event points

These patterns are ubiquitous and relatively easy to observe from a distance. To avoid wasting time approaching those who are not near you, use the Nagant silenced pistol or the Winfield silenced rifle to destroy them quickly and silently from a distance.

Poisoned Crossbow

With individual ammo upgrades, the hand crossbow has indeed become the most versatile tool in hunting: Showdown and the As the Crow Flies event is the perfect time to take advantage of its versatility. With poisonous arrows you can quickly and almost silently shoot down crows from a distance. As any player can attest, the cards in Hunt : Wars are all too infested with killing twists, and the poison crossbow is by far the best way to breed them.

image via Reddit user Damned Arrows

Pacmul and Vulture

Using hunters with mule and vulture pulls can help a bit during the event. These features make it easier to feed thrown objects, which means the occasional extra firebomb can be used to take out crows. It’s a little help, but it’s still help.


Props are consumable items that you can buy for blood tickets and use in a match to slightly increase your point gain only during that match. We advise them not to use them. Given their extreme cost, they are certainly not worth the points of the competition. The exception would be to use them for altruistic purposes, as they donate any items to other players in the game, and buying blood vouchers helps Crytek cover Hunt’s development costs: Autopsy.

Playing style

Here’s a final tip: Play the hunt at How the Crow Flies: Show up as you usually do. Be smart, use common sense and pursue your goal. Given the rewards in the game, it can be very tempting to just run around with double poisoned crossbows and mindlessly collect points. It’s not fun and it can ruin your experience of the event. In addition, these games often result in the death of the hunter and the interruption of the game, negating any potential advantage.

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