How to make circles in Minecraft

It’s a rare occurrence when the title of a blog post is the title of the website itself. However, that’s the case with this blog post. I have been working on a Minecraft mod for a long time now. It’s called “Escape the Nether”. It allows you to move your player outside of The Nether, and above The Sky to a world that looks like it should be above The Nether. It’s a big project, and it’s currently available on GitHub. However, I get a lot of questions about how to make circles with it. So, today I’m going to explain how to make circles in Minecraft.

As a level 39 player on the PC, I have found that I can’t just make circles anymore. I need to make the perfect circles and follow the rules of Minecraft. I could tell you to not claim land when you first start playing or that to get the best experience you should build your house underground. But these two things are useless for me. Instead, I will tell you a secret that has worked for me for years and made my Minecraft experience way better.

Imagine a world where you can make perfect circles in Minecraft without having to copy and paste the same thing every time! Now you can use this to your advantage by making a smooth curve in Minecraft that has a different shape each time. You can make any shape you want from a small circle to a huge circle.. Read more about how to make a sphere in minecraft with commands pc and let us know what you think.

Minecraft’s blocky design is perhaps its most noticeable aspect. The whole planet is made up of cubes, as are all of its people. In fact, the game’s distinctive design is one of the reasons it sticks out so much. That being stated, you may wish to create a circular item in a Minecraft environment. Here’s how to create circles in Minecraft for any purpose you have in mind.

Before we begin, it’s essential to note that, since we’re using bricks, you’ll never be able to create a complete circle in Minecraft. Instead, we’ll create the appearance of a circle. Keep in mind that the smaller the space you have to deal with, the more angular it will seem and the more difficult it will be to give it a rounded appearance.

To create a circle in Minecraft, start by choosing a large enough area to play with. You may make your circles in a few different ways.

Curves with diagonal lines

When you’ve chosen a location, consider how large you want the circle to be. Place a line of blocks in a certain direction and keep track of how many you have. When you’re ready to start the curve, start with diagonally placed blocks and work your way inward. Keep track of how many bricks you used in this route once again. As you move around, keep utilizing the same amount of blocks to give your arrangement a circular appearance.

Your circle will appear nice as long as you use the same number for each line. Even mixing and matching is a good idea. We utilized two diagonal blocks for both circles in the picture below, but four straight lines in one and seven in the other.

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Curves that are angular

Altering the lines of blocks in the curves is another helpful method to create circles. This gives your circles a more cubicle appearance, but it looks fantastic from afar.

Set up your starting line, which should be approximately five blocks long. Put a short line of blocks in one place to the inside of your circle instead of a line of diagonal blocks. We utilize two or three at a time. Make a right angle with the same number of blocks as the amount of blocks you just put at the end of that line. Fill up the remaining blocks using the same method.

We use two blocks for our right angles in the example below, but you may use more if you like, but it will seem more blocky.

1628138720_655_How-to-make-circles-in-MinecraftPhotographed by

Curves with short lines

Counting up and down as you put bricks will be a big part of this technique. This is more appropriate for bigger circles.

Make a small line of blocks first. We like to begin with five, but at the very least three. Make a new line within one space, but with one less block. Continue working your way down until you reach one, then spin around and start drawing lines all over again, but this time working your way up to your starting number. Begin working your way down when you reach the number you began with.

We began with a five-block line in our example below. We turned and counted back up to five when we reached one. You don’t have to go to one, but the more lines you add, the more circular your arrangement will look.

1628138720_536_How-to-make-circles-in-MinecraftPhotographed by

If you’re going to use any of the techniques listed above, be sure to try a few different ones to discover which one you like. Remember that you’re making curves with straight edges, so take your time and practice the techniques above to discover what you’re searching for.

If you’ve been following our YouTube Minecraft series ( for the past few months, you know that there are a few keys to making circles in Minecraft. So, today we’re going to see how to make them in real life!. Read more about how to make a dome in minecraft and let us know what you think.

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