How to Make A Soundbar Sound Better: 5 Different Tips and Tricks

The sound bar is a great addition to any living room, offering both versatility and convenience. But it can be difficult for first-time buyers to know the best way to go about selecting the perfect one. This article will provide five tips on how you can make your soundbar much better than its factory settings!

The “best sound mode for samsung soundbar q60t” is a question that has been asked on many occasions. There are 5 different tips and tricks to make your soundbar sounds better.

Looking for some helpful hints on how to improve the sound of your soundbar and get the most out of your investment?

It might be aggravating to bring one of your favorite movies or albums home only to realize that the sound is unpleasant and not as good as you had hoped. 

Having to change your level every minute or so doesn’t seem appealing, and you’d like to have a consistent audio output during your viewing or listening period. 

When it comes to the soundbar, the sound should be adjusted such that both the action-packed explosions and the dialogue are audible.

Low-volume scenes may be shown without blowing up your television speakers or requiring you to strain to hear what’s going on. 

In this post, we’ll go over several tips and tactics that you may use to improve the Sound quality of your soundbar.

And every time you want to listen to music or view a movie, you’ll get the greatest results.

Select the Soundbar Size for Tight Spaces

The selecting procedure is the first step toward obtaining the greatest sound from your soundbar. It’s important to keep in mind that soundbars come in a variety of sizes, and that various sizes will work best in different rooms or places. 

A tiny soundbar, despite its high quality and features, may not be appropriate for a bigger room, while a large one may not be appropriate for a smaller one.

Size does crucial when picking a soundbar, and this is in consideration of the place or residence where it will be used.  

When purchasing a soundbar, keep in mind the proportions of your area as well as the aesthetics. You may still choose a soundbar that is both symmetrically pleasant to the eye and appropriate for your room measurements.

Turn off the speakers on your television.

The absence of decent quality sound from your television’s integrated speakers is the primary reason for purchasing a soundbar. 

As a result, combining them with the soundbar usually distorts the sound since they’re not up to par in terms of quality.  

The sound quality of your television’s inbuilt speakers might dilute the soundbar’s sound quality, which is why you should turn them off altogether. 

Always ensure that the sound sources are within the same decibels and frequencies to preserve the overall quality of sound from the soundbars.

In this instance, the best option is to turn off the television speakers entirely and rely only on the soundbar.

Make Sure Your Subwoofer Is in the Right Place

Because soundbars have a subwoofer, understanding how to correctly place it is essential for a great audio experience.

Subwoofers are meant to produce a low-frequency impact, and incorrect placement might cause your sound output to be messed up. 

To avoid distorted bass and vibrations, the optimal place for a wireless or wired subwoofer is a little bit away from the wall.

At the very least, put it in a corner, at least 10 meters away from the soundbar.

Adjust the equalization settings to your liking. 

Bass and treble levels are usually included in equalization settings. The options are meant to improve the sound quality based on your tastes and the material you’re watching.

Fine-tuning the equalization settings will guarantee that the soundbar sounds just how it should and provides the best possible sound. 


What to Look for When Buying a Soundbar

Equalizer adjustments are available on the greatest quality and current soundbars, and if this isn’t feasible, you may download mobile applications that enable you to do it straight from your phone. 

This is something you may do depending on your space and personal preferences. The user manual that came with your soundbar can show you how to do this quickly and efficiently.

Invest on high-quality cables.

When it comes to audio, the cabling choices are critical. A wide range of cabling alternatives are available on the market.

However, the finest sound quality is only ensured if you connect your soundbar with high-quality connections. 

While RCA and AUX cables are routinely utilized, the technology is old and is unlikely to provide the greatest quality results when it comes to digital transmissions. 

These cables may be utilized with older television models, but they should be avoided if HDMI, optical, or HDMI ARC cabling alternatives are available.

These offer a high-quality digital signal transmission, providing you the greatest experience possible.

It’s important to understand how each of these cabling solutions works since there are some significant distinctions to be aware of.

HDMI cables, for example, are ideal for relaying both visual and audio information since they can do both.

Optical cables, on the other hand, are meant only for the transmission of audio signals, therefore you may require additional cabling for visual transmission when connecting an alternative device for video sources. 

Optical cables, on the other hand, are superior than HDMI connections in terms of sound quality.

When choosing the right cabling for your soundbar, double-check compatibility and perform some more study.


Knowing how to use a soundbar effectively is essential. The soundbar’s audio presets let you get the most out of home theater depending on what you want to accomplish.

Some audio settings, for example, will be suitable for viewing a movie while others will provide high-quality sound for listening to music. 

Whatever the case may be, there are a plethora of soundbars to choose, particularly when it comes to price and quality. 

Soundbars like the Vizio V21-H8, Samsung HW-R550, and Polk Audio Signa S2 are excellent choices, particularly if you want superb audio quality  

However, you may wish to listen to music or watch a movie alone at times, rather than projecting the sound to others in the room. 

Using your headphones with a headphone amp instead of connecting your audio sources to a soundbar would be a terrific option at such times. 

The usage of a headphone amp in conjunction with a headphone provides you more enhanced sound effects, not to mention the fact that these two may be employed on the move.

A headphone amplifier will not only help you increase the volume, but it will also provide excellent highs and lows, resulting in excellent sound quality. 

The “samsung soundbar sounds tinny ” is a common issue that many people experience with their soundbars. The five tips and tricks listed in this article will help you fix the issue.

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