How to kill the Beast of the Hills in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Beast of the Hills has its terrifying name for a reason: This big bear is hiding in the depths of many abandoned ruins and is fighting a very tough battle. One of the legendary beasts of the Assassin Valhalla Creed, the Beast of the Hills will be one of your targets if you want to tackle everything the game has to offer.

Monster Hill Location

The animal was found in the ruins of Uriconium, northwest of Wenlean Abbey and southwest of Quatford. At the level of the ruins you will see a large entrance in the hill, this is the path that leads to the beast’s lair.

Enter this entrance and follow the large corridor until you find a place where you can sneak into Avor, on the right in the Beast’s house.

How to kill the Hill Monster

The beast’s power level is 190, so you need to make sure you are close to this level when facing the beast, otherwise you will have a long, hard fight. Even at the right level, wrestling is not the easiest thing to do, so we really recommend being at 190 or even higher to be sure.

The beast’s attacks depend heavily on whether it throws itself at you with its paws or bites you. Some of these attacks can be parried, but we don’t have much success with that; they’re just too fast to be timed properly. Moreover, their structure is so similar to that of the red rune’s attack (which must be dodged) that it has become easier for us to always dodge attacks and get multiple hits.

In a fight, the first thing you should do is draw your bow and aim for your three weak points: your two back legs and your chest. We recommend using Nornir’s Focus, as it slows down time and makes it easy to hit weak points and get good damage.

By aiming at these points, you remove his stun bar, allowing you to perform a stun attack on the beast to remove a large portion of its health.

After that, just bend over and be patient. The best method is to dodge perfectly (dodge just as his attack is about to hit you) to the left or right, as this slows down time and gives you more room to get a few hits on the beast before he has to retreat.

If you can gain some distance, ranged attacks are always a good way to reduce his health; just be prepared for his charge attacks to quickly reduce the distance.

You should also know that when the beast dips its head into the water on the ground, it means it is healed. You can stop it by attacking it as soon as possible to minimize its recovery.

Possible fault

There is a bug reported with the beast, but it’s not really a bug that will hurt you. On the contrary, it’s just confusing.

Sometimes the beast doesn’t spawn in its lair, but is just an empty room. If this happens to you, get out of the ruins and go up the hill where the hideout is. Here you will find the enemy camp, and the beast will come out of it stranded in the field. Luckily for you, he can’t defend himself if he’s stuck on the field, so you can take your time and reload to eventually take him down.

But once you’ve killed it, you’ll find that the game gives you no credit for killing the beast. It is easy to remedy this situation by returning to the beast’s lair, where completion must begin.

frequently asked questions

How to beat the hillbilly in AC Valhalla?

Use your bow and shoot at the weak points of both hind legs and the abdominal area. We can only shoot him in the stomach when he’s awake. If the armor is gone, you can stun the beast to greatly reduce its health. The legendary animal fight ends after defeating the bear.

How do you kill a bear in AC Valhalla?

The bear is very slow, and the appropriate weapons to fight it are double axes. With the Spinaback ability, we can follow an attack and deal extra damage with this ability. Of course it’s ideal to use a two-handed weapon, but you can take him out with a double axe.

Where is the beast of the hills AC Valhalla?

The beast of the hills of AC Valhalla is the legendary bear. AC Valhalla Monster Hills is located in Sciropesciere, and lies in the ruins of the Uriconium of this region.

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