How to Keep Your Child From Watching Too Much TV

When you have kids at home, it can be hard to keep them entertained without letting them rot their brain cells by watching too much TV. Here are some ideas on how you can keep your child under supervision when it comes to the TV, and some other ideas on how you can entertain your kids without the TV being involved.

Put in a see-through door

If you are worried about the things that your child is watching, you can install glass barn doors so that you can have your eyes on your child and the TV at all times. They won’t see you as a hovering parent that won’t let them watch what they want to watch in peace, and you can make sure that they aren’t watching anything that they aren’t supposed to. You can set place this door anywhere your child watches TV and you can walk through casually to see what they are watching without ever entering the room that they are in.

Give them other activities

Buy a few puzzle books for your children. Make sure that you limit the number of pages they have access to throughout the day so that they don’t finish it all at once and this should keep them entertained for at least a month before you have to buy a new puzzle book. Make sure that your kids get different puzzles in their books so that they can help each other, but not cheat on their own puzzles. Take out the answer pages from the back as well so that you know they aren’t cheating at these puzzles.

Make sure they are getting plenty of outside time

Make sure that your kids are running out of all of their energy during the day . This can make bedtime a lot easier when they want to watch TV because they will watch one or two episodes of their favorite show before they are asleep on the couch. This can also make your day a lot easier because you don’t have to watch over them inside of the house and make sure they aren’t sneaking in TV time. You know that they are outside having fun and using up all of their energy.

Read a book with them

Show your child that there are more entertaining things in the world that do not include the TV. Go to the library and pick out a chapter book. Things like Harry Potter or Barbie would be enough to keep your younger kids entertained without the TV.

Let them act out their own TV show

Let your child fly free with imagination and have them act out their own TV show. Give them a show idea and tell them that you want to see them play out that episode. This will give them a creativity skill that a lot of kids don’t get to have any more with all of the electronics that they own. Make sure that you pay attention to them when they are acting this show out, and give them the praise that they expect when they are finished so that they know this is a fun and entertaining thing for everyone.

Give them a set amount of TV time

When you do allow your children to watch TV, make sure that they are watching something animated and age-appropriate, but still give them a time limit. You are the parent and if you don’t want your child to watch TV all day, that is a decision that you are allowed to make.

If your child is too small to understand times, you can let them know that they can finish two movies before the TV is done for the day. This will make things easier for them and you. And it will give your child the chance to become more mature because they will listen to you and the rule.

This is all you have to do in order to keep your house in line when it comes to watching too much TV. If you have older kids who are used to having the TV around, it might be a bit more difficult to get them involved with the new rule. But it will work eventually. Just go slow with the rules and everything will work out.

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