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Elden Ring is a VR game where the player becomes an apprentice of the powerful archmage, Daedra. The player must complete quests for Daedra and attend to his whims in order to pass their test. As players explore new lands, they will encounter various NPCs with whom they may have business: bosses. These bosses are worth fighting against because defeating them allows one access to valuable loot or experience points that cannot be gained any other way!

The “elden ring quest checklist ” is a list of quests that can be found in the game Elden Ring The list includes all the quests and their requirements.

Elden RIng is a vast game, and keeping track of everything in it may be incredibly challenging. There is no mission tracker incorporated into the game, thus it is up to you to figure out what you need to accomplish and where you need to go when it comes to tasks. You must pay close attention to the NPC discussion because if you miss anything, you will have a difficult time determining what to do.

You can keep track of bosses and objectives in a few different ways. You must immediately begin the quest, battle the boss, utilize the in-game icon system, or use a digital or physical notepad. While some of these methods are more convenient than others, they are the only ways to stay on top of everything in the game.

It might be really difficult to figure out precisely what to do, so pay close attention and read everything. Even reading the descriptions of all the things is crucial since you can learn something useful about certain questlines and where to travel next. Always keep your eyes peeled for new NPCs and bosses.

What are the most effective methods for keeping track of bosses and quests?


You can keep track of objects in the game in a variety of ways. The creators just released an update that displays the locations of NPCs on your map whenever you locate them. This is a nice addition since it might be difficult to figure out where each one is without a notebook. There isn’t one for bosses yet, but it would be wonderful to be able to see where they are on the map.

Here are the best methods to keep track of Elden Ring’s bosses and quests:

Immediately begin the quest.

Following the quest immediately after speaking with an NPC is the best choice. If you walk out and do anything else after talking to them, you could completely forget about the task. If you decide to leave the quest immediately thereafter, make a note of it so you don’t forget about it. If you forget, you’ll have to look up what you need to do, and you’ll probably want to complete it without looking anything up.

There are a lot of tasks in the game, and accepting many at once may be quite confusing. You can mistakenly believe that whatever you accepted for one mission applies to the other, so focus on one at a time. Accepting numerous quests at once might be daunting, so make a note of them or finish them as soon as possible.

Attempt to defeat the boss as soon as possible.

This is quite similar to the quests. You could come upon a golden mist and be afraid to join it. If you do decide to relocate, make a note of the location so you can return later. We strongly advise you to give the employer a chance. Most bosses have a Stake of Marika outside the boss chamber, so if you die, you may just respawn outside.

Simply use up all of your Runes first to avoid losing them, or you may get the Tear, which prevents you from losing Runes when you die. This is critical because if you have a large number of Runes, you can battle the monster without losing any of them. When you encounter a boss, always attempt to battle him since he can be simpler than you think.

Make use of the game’s icon system.


Elden Ring includes a fantastic icon system that allows you to pick and select from a variety of icons to put anywhere on the globe. This is quite useful since it allows you to mark spots that you can’t investigate right now so that you may return later and complete them. It also allows you to mark any bosses you’ve discovered, as well as a location where particular items will appear.

It is absolutely up to you how you utilize this system, however they do provide you with alternatives, and it is up to you to use them. The globe is huge, and we promise you’ll miss a lot of locations and bosses on your journey. Why not make things simpler for yourself by putting the symbols down so you don’t have to look up where things are later?

Use a digital or physical notepad to keep track of your ideas.

We know it’s strange, and most people won’t do it, but if you have a note-taking device, this is definitely your best bet for remembering things. It may seem strange, but it is really necessary to ensure that you do not miss anything along the route. It’s like having your own notebook instead of having one in the game.

It seems to be quite old-fashioned, yet it really helps a lot more than you may expect. Every note you make will be useful in its own way, and you may check off every task you accomplish. If you don’t want to write everything down on paper, use a program like Notepad to keep track of everything during your playthrough.

Why isn’t there a mission tracker available?

There’s just one reason why FromSoft didn’t include a mission tracker in the game: it’s unnecessary. They didn’t want to include one in the game, so they didn’t. There was no mission tracker in any of the Dark Souls games or other games like it. We understand that this game needs it now more than ever, but the Developer’s choice is final. Yes, that would be wonderful, but if they did add one, it would make the game easy.

We really disagree with them not included one in the game since it creates the impression that you can pretty much do anything you want. You make your own pathways with things, and you’re the one who decides what to do next. Each NPC will tell you what to do next, and all you have to do now is explore until you locate the next step in your mission.

With so many objectives in the game, it’s really rather refreshing since it allows for a lot of replayability. If you begin a new playthrough, it will not be identical to the previous one. You will discover new things you have never seen before, and not having a task tracker is well worth it for that reason alone.

Should boss trackers be included?


We believe that boss trackers, similar to how NPCs have their own trackers, should be included to the game. It should show up on the map once you discover a boss. The bosses, not the questlines. You should be able to see where a boss is without laying a flag down if you discover one within a cave or even out in the overworld.

That’s essentially the only mission tracker they should add, or if they do, make it so you can turn it off. You should be able to modify what appears on your map, although this isn’t a major issue. The game is almost great as it is now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, but a boss tracker would be a fun addition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep track of quests in Elden Ring?

A: You can check the map for each quest, which will show you where it is and what to do.

Is there a quest log in Elden Ring?

A: Yes, you will find an in-game quest log that is updated with quests and tasks.

What order should I fight bosses in Elden Ring?

A: There is a recommended route for fighting each boss. However, you are free to fight the bosses in any order that you want to.

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