How to install and use Acestream with Kodi on android TV

We all love watching online TV for entertainment purpose and kodi is the best for variety of add-ons on your android TV, users can watch online media, TV shows, movies, sports entertainment and much more. Acestream is one of the perfect add-on for enjoying best experience of stream around the world without having a cable connection or any satellite subscription.

Today in this post we will be telling you that how you can install Acestream on android TV. If you are a MacOS user then you can install Acestream for MacOS by clicking here.

What is Acestream?

It’s basically a multimedia platform that allows user to access online movies, sports and more entertainment channels with HD quality content online without any subscription. Acestream uses the Peer to Peer technology to give you high efficiency, with loads of stream.

While you are watching content through Acestream on your kodi means that its streaming quality gets stable by the time there are more viewers at a time. Not like other live streams which get unstable and lag by the time there are multiple users are connected to the same server. Acestream dispenses its bandwidth load to other users to make your connection more stable, lag free and better experience to users.

Here is how you can install the Acestream on your android TV.

How to install Acestream on your android TV

Installing Acestream in your android TV Is not a tough job, only for some specific reasons it may trouble in installing in your TV.

Below down are some simple steps-

Step1- Simply go to the Google Play store from your Android TV and search for the Acestream application, if you find it in the results then simply click on the install button to start downloading and installing.

Step2- Sometimes you may not find it on the search results for some reasons, then you simply need to do is, just download the ES file explorer app from the Google Play store.

Step3- In ES file explorer go to the downloader section and insert the address: https//

After you download the app, to the ES file explorer and in download folder menu search for your Acestream and install it on your TV.

Open the newly installed app, wait for the loading and unpacking of the app and it will say start succeed.

Make sure that the Acestream is running in your TV background and then open the kodi to enjoy the streaming.


At last I must say that this article was meant for telling you all about the Acestream and I hope that after going through the whole article, now you can be able to install and enjoy your Live streaming by using Acestream with kodi on your android TV.

And the most important thing is that you should consider is you can face legal problems, as you know that the source from where the content is taken are not from the copyright owners. In other sense the whole source of the content is pirated and streaming these kind of content on your TV can lead you in trouble. So you are now responsible for your own decisions. That all from my side thank you, hope you’ve enjoyed it reading.

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