How to Get Water Breathing Technique in Roblox Demonfall

In Demonfall, you are a demon, and one way to become stronger is to learn Water Breathing. You can learn this by going to the water element, and pressing X to breathe. When you do, you’ll be taken to the water element, where you have to press X to breathe again. Then, when you press X again, you’ll start learning. After you’ve learned it for the first time, you can go back and do it again, and you’ll get better at it each time.

If you’ve ever played Roblox, “Demonfall”, you’ve probably noticed that drowning is a pretty common thing. And why not? It’s an effective way to die. But there are ways to counter that, and you can learn one of them in this guide.

Demonfall introduces many new features for players to enjoy. But surviving in a world corrupted by demons was not easy. If you are one of the assassins trying to protect the world, you should add Water Blast to your skill list.

How to get water breath in the Demonfall

To get this technique in Demonfall, invest 2.00 yen and complete the task given to you by the water cart found in the coastal forest. Once in the quest, you must complete two tasks: cross an obstacle course full of traps and crush a rock. Complete these tasks and you will have the opportunity to learn the art of water breathing.

driving to Hayakawa village

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The first place to go is the village of Hayakawa. When you become a fighter, this is your starting village. Approach a fast moving NPC sitting in a carriage. It’ll be on the edge of town. Don’t go through with it, we’ll just start with the instructions here. if you don’t have 2,000 yen before you go to the trainer, you can’t start the quest!

Follow the signs

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You cross the frost forest on your way to the coastal forest. Press the W key twice to speed up the travel time and continue to use the Q key to move forward. You must follow this road straight ahead until you see a sign. This will tell you that the coastal forest is on your right and you should keep following it.

Search for a breathing apparatus in water

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When you reach the coastal forest, continue until you see a ladder and a platform just in front of you. To reach the top, you have to jump and use the jump over the wall. There is a very high platform for the climb to the top. To climb, go to the corner where it crosses the highest platform and jump from wall to wall. If you don’t think you can do it, use the Q-Dash in the air to get ahead!

Talk to the water breathing teacher

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When you have reached the top of the platforms and are standing on the grass, turn right and you will see a small hut that Urokodaki, the water breath trainer, is sitting in front of. Talk to him and give him ¥2,000 to learn this art.

Completing first task

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This part is hard to explain, so I recommend you watch the following video. You have to get through an obstacle course full of traps and parkour lobbies without getting killed. You have 6 minutes, but you must not rush, because rushing leads to falling or certain death by falling off a cliff. This part is quite difficult, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you have difficulties. When you get to the end, talk to the coach to finish.

Perform second task

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To continue, talk to the trainer again. This is the easy/boredom part of searching. All you have to do is hit a big rock nearby. I recommend using an autoclicker if you have one, because there’s no point in wasting time with a million clicks.

Learn water breathing techniques

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After you’ve hit the stone a few times and used up its life energy, you’ll be teleported back. When you get there, breathe in water!

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