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The Griffin mount is one of the most sought after mounts in FFXIV. It has a high drop rate, but players are still not getting it as easily as they would like. This article will explain how to get the true griffin mount and other tips for maximizing your time with this highly-requested beast.

The “ffxiv true griffin horn” is a quest in Final Fantasy XIV that leads to the player obtaining the true Griffin Horn. The player must complete this quest before they can mount the Griffin.

Rank 8 (Bloodsworn) in the Ananta Beast Tribe is required to get the True Griffin Mount. It was acquired from Madhura (The Fringes – Castellum Velodyna, X:21 Y:26) for 18 Ananta Dreamstaff.

For each Beast Tribe Daily Quest completed, you’ll earn Ananta Dreamstaff.

The True Griffin, on the other hand, takes a lot of effort to open.

Only by boosting the Reputation of all Stormblood Beast Tribes can you reach Rank 8.

After then, you’ll have to accomplish a series of Quests that bring together the Kojin, Ananta, and the nefarious Namazu. Only then will all three Tribes’ Bloodsworn Ranks be unlocked.

Fortunately, the path to your True Griffin is strewn with additional goodies, so it’s well worth the trip.


Into The Viper’s Laid-back


The Ananta of the now gilded Castrum Velodyna / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by Square Enix CO., LTD.


Unlocking the Ananta Daily Quests will be your first step toward the True Griffin.

There are a few processes involved in this process.

First and foremost, you must have defeated Lakshmi in the Stormblood Main Story Quest “The Silence of the Gods.”

This grants you access to the whole Fringes map as well as all of the Aether Currents found there.

Now that it’s out of the way, you’ll have to do the following quests:

  • The Untold Truth (The Fringes – Castrum Oriens, Serpent Marshal Brookstone, X:9 Y:11)
  • Drawing a Blank (Tahla Molkoh – The Fringes – Castrum Oriens, X:9 Y:11) is a song by Tahla Molkoh from the album The Fringes.
  • Looking for Solutions (Serpent Marshal Brookstone)
  • The Absolute Truth (Serpent Marshal Brookstone)
  • M’razh Nunh – The Fringes – The Peering Stones, X:30, Y:26) A New Contender (M’razh Nunh – The Fringes – The Peering Stones, X:30, Y:26)
  • M’zhet Tia – The Fringes – The Peering Stones (X:30, Y:23), M’zhet Tia – The Fringes – The Peering Stones
  • M’zhet Tia (Making a Man of You)
  • M’zhet Tia (Honoring Family)
  • M’razh Nunh (The Rose Blooms Twice)

You’re completely set after you’ve accomplished this sequence of sidequests… Set to begin the daily grind for Ananta’s Reputation, at the very least.

Unfortunately, you still have two Tribes to complete.


The Pursuit Of Friendship With The Kojin & Namazu


The Kojin reliquary of Tamamizu / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


Fortunately, unlocking the Kojin isn’t as difficult.

They’ll most likely be your first encounter with the Beast Tribes of Stormblood.

You must first finish The Ruby Sea’s Stormblood Main Scenario Quest “Tide Goes In, Imperials Go Out.”

With that out of the way, just ask the Vexed Villager (The Ruby Sea – Isari, X:7 Y:13) for “Heaven Sent.”

Offer support to an overconfident Kojin who is in trouble.

You’ll get access to Kojin Daily Quests after you’ve saved.


The Namazu Shrine in Dhoro Iloh explains so much about them / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by Square Enix CO., LTD.


The Namazu, out of the three Stormblood Tribes, take the greatest effort to unlock.

To earn their confidence, you’ll have to complete two unique Sidequest chains. You must also have finished the “All the Little Angels” Stormblood Story Quest.


The Kurobana Chain is a chain of islands off the coast of Japan.

  • Lupin the Cowardly (Fukudo – Yanxia – Namai, X:31 Y:18) Courage the Cowardly Lupin (Fukudo – Yanxia – Namai, X:31 Y:18)
  • The Rice Sacks vs. Kurobana (Fukudo)
  • The Arrowheads vs. Kurobana (Fukudo)
  • Kurobana Holmes (Kurobana – Yanxia – Namai, X:29 Y:17) is a character from the Kurobana series.


The Chain of Gyorin

  • Hanami (Ochimi – Yanxia – Namai, X:30 Y:18) is a possibility.
  • Gyorin the Namazu (Gyorin – Yanxia – Yuzuka Manor, X:15 Y:32) is a character from the Gyorin – Yanxia – Yuzuka Manor series.
  • There is no wealth quite like mineral wealth (Gyorin)
  • Flesh that has recently been harvested (Gyorin)
  • Display the New Money for Me (Gyorin)
  • (Gyoshu – Yanxia – Yuzuka Manor, X:15 Y:31) Amber Alert (Gyoshu – Yanxia – Yuzuka Manor, X:15 Y:31)

There’s one more step once you’ve finished both sets of Quests.

Return to Yanxia’s Namai and talk with Kurobana to commence the “Kurobana vs. Gyorin” battle.

The Namazu are Stormblood’s Crafting and Gathering Beast Tribe. To unlock them, you’ll need to be a Level 60 Disciple of the Hand or Land.

The Floundering Namazu sings “Something Fishy This Way Comes” (The Azim Steppe, X:17 Y:35). After that, you may start working for the Namazu on your menial responsibilities.

If you complete the three daily Quests for each Tribe, you’ll reach the limit in roughly 31 days.

Once you’ve reached Rank 7 (Sworn) with each Tribe, you’ll need to complete one last set of quests to get your mount:

  • East Aldenard Trading Company Assistant – Kugane, X13 Y:10) The Ananta Maid’s Tail (East Aldenard Trading Company Assistant – Kugane, X13 Y:10)
  • J’olhmyn – Yanxia – Yuzuka Manor, X:16 Y:31) Ruby Seas Under Ruby Skies (J’olhmyn – Yanxia – Yuzuka Manor, X:16 Y:31)
  • J’olhmyn (Fish in a Barrel)
  • What a Wonderful World (Tamamizu, X:29 Y:16, Kabuto – The Ruby Sea)

You’ll be able to make further purchases from all Stormblood Beast Tribes after that. That includes the lovely True Griffin you’ve been working so hard for!

The “ffxiv true griffin hide ” is a quest in Final Fantasy XIV that has been around since the game’s launch. The player must find and kill the Griffin, which then drops its head. This item can be used to purchase an item called “The True Griffin Mount.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the Griffin Mount Ffxiv?

A: You can get the Griffin Mount by talking to a NPC in the royal palace.

Who is the real Griffin Ffxiv?

A: The real Griffin is a ffxiv character that was made by the FFXIV dev team. They started their own discord server for this purpose, and you can find them at

Can the Griffin Mount fly Ffxiv?

A: I am sorry, but it is physically impossible for the Griffin Mount to fly.

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