How to get married in Final Fantasy XIV

The Eternal Bond Ceremony in Final Fantasy XIV allows players to marry the special person in their lives. Whether it’s a husband or a friend, you can marry whoever you want in the game. This includes players and characters of the same gender. There are no restrictions on who you can take your vows as long as you and your partner are eligible for the honeymoon in the game. You can also invite your guests of honour to the ceremony to share this special day with them.

The wedding ceremony takes place at the Shrine of the Twelve in East Shatoon, Ivory Chapel. You can choose the level of refinement you want for your ceremony, with the free standard plan or the gold or platinum plans for which you have to pay real money. The differences in rates are actually just cosmetic, so there’s no pressure to spend money if you don’t want to.

Perpetual bond ceremony

Image via Square Enix

Just like a real wedding, you can personalize your experience. Choose the mood and atmosphere of your ceremony, which will be played in short form for everyone. Then there’s a procession, a ring exchange and a final recession. The golden and platinum plans allow the bride and groom to leave the ceremony in a gondola above the ground.

  • A lovers’ kiss: A serene ceremony led by the Moogle Choir. And ends with a kiss between the newlyweds.
  • Rotating arm : More traditional in terms of traditions in Tworalfwood. It ends with a toast between the newlyweds.
  • Affidavit: At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds sign a formal contract between them. Image via Square Enix

You and your partner can invite several guests to the wedding. You have 40 invitations for a total of 80 guests. The waiting room for the ceremony may be a bit crowded with so many people, but there is room for everyone in the Ivorian Chapel itself. Invitations can be sent via the Moogle delivery service or sold directly to the players. The invitations indicate the date and time of the ceremony, on which guests can enter the foyer via the sanctuary of the Twelve.

You will go through the whole process and complete the Linkage Quest, which is located near the Sanctuary of the Twelve. The choice of wedding outfit (characters can wear a tuxedo or a dress, regardless of their gender), the purchase of wedding gifts and much more are detailed throughout the entire search. This search will become available after planning your ceremony at the Mog station.

Planning your wedding reception Image via Square Enix

Go to the Fog Station in your web browser and log in. You can find the program of the ceremony of the Good Lord in the tab Extra articles. You can choose between Standard, Gold or Platinum rates by selecting a bracelet and adding it to your shopping cart. Watch out as soon as you’re done. When you choose an item to pay for, you will be asked to enter your payment details.

When you’re done, keep an eye on your Moogle post in the game. You and your partner will get the promised bracelets to start Tie Ties. Image via Square Enix

To begin the search, you and your partner must rest the wrists of the Promise and then speak to Clarivel at the sanctuary of the Twelve in the Eastern Shroud (X: 17.5 Y:18.2). To complete the quest, you must complete at least one level 50 quest and the most important quest of the Seven Dawns – Scientist scenario. If, for any reason, you are already married to another person, you must first terminate this agreement. Claribel will then guide you through the process of your marriage.

After the wedding, you and your partner will receive your rings of eternity. These rings allow you to teleport the nearest ether crystal to your partner. You will also have a wedding day where you will repeat the tie quest in a special way.

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