How to Farm Wolf Pelt in Valheim

If you’ve traveled in mountain areas, you may have come into contact with wolves and noticed how handy they are for freezing your stuffed animal.

To survive the cold atmosphere of the mountain biomes, you’ll need to find a way to fight the cold, with wolves playing a big role thanks to their wolf fur (although the Lox can solve this problem too).

The wolf skin is not only used to make a wolf cloak to fight against the cold, but also for other armor needed to complete the wolf armor set.

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How do you raise a wolf?

First you have to find and hunt or tame wolves to get a wolf skin. Taming wolves would be a good choice to start your own furry wolf farm.

Hunting of wolves

One of the first ways to get a wolf coat is to travel near snow to lure wolves to you, but sometimes they are more likely to be in a mountain biome, which can lead to frostbite.

To safely enter the mountain biome, you must use the Frosted Mint or the Lox Cloak, as this is the only way to be immune to the effect of frost.

After you use one of the methods to kill or tame wolves, you can get the collected wolf skin and use it to make wolf pelts and other items.

The wolf skin should be your first priority, because with it you can breed or tame other wolves later.

Cattle wolves

Instead of going into the mountains again and again to spend minutes and hours looking for wolves and waiting for them to reappear, you can breed them.

Breeding wolves is a great way to provide you and your allies with an unlimited supply of materials that the wolf drops.

To raise wolves, all you have to do is tame and feed them, so they all go hungry and keep giving birth to pups for your future need for wolf skin.

You have to wait until the wolf pups are mature to kill them and get their resources, and taming higher level wolves gives you more.

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Used wolf fur

There are a number of wolf skin recipes in Valheim, and most are meant to complement the wolf armor set, and as a decorative comfort item.


  • Drake’s helmet
  • the breast of wolf armor
  • Armadillo wolf
  • Wolf fur coat


Drake’s helmet is actually and ostensibly Drake’s, but it takes Wolf materials to make it, and is considered a piece of helmet armor attached by Wolf.

Only the wolf skin sheath provides protection from the cold, while the rest of the wolf armor provides strong protection from damage.

The kite bed provides an extra 2 comfort when resting, while the wolf mat provides 1, bringing comfort when resting to 3.


We have to admit that the Wolf armor set is really great and probably one of the best endgame armor sets you can get.

The wolfskin armor, the second in the series of padded armors, protects its wearer well and is quite expensive to fully upgrade with wolfskin and other needed resources.

It may be a shame to slaughter a few wolves to get a pelt, but it pays off in the end, and you can breed as many as you want if you keep at least two alive.

frequently asked questions

How do you make the Valheim wolf skin?

To find wolf pelts, go to any mountain landscape and look for wandering wolves. These enemies are tough, so equip yourself with health potions or shoot them from a distance with an improved bow like the Hunter’s Bow and improved arrows like the Ironhead Arrow.

How do I get wolf armor in Valheim?

Wolf armor is the sixth level of Valheim armor. This kit is a direct upgrade from the Iron Armor and allows you to upgrade to the Padded Armor. You will need 64 silver coins, 18 wolf skins, 4 wolf teeth, 2 Drake trophies, 1 necklace and 1 wolf trophy to make a complete set of wolf armor.

How do you open the wolf’s shell in Valheim?

The crafting recipe is unlocked after the player discovers the Wolf Skin, Silver and Wolf trophies. Made on a workbench.

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