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Farming is an essential part of MMO games and there are many ways to farm. This guide will tell you the most common methods in order of how effective they are, as well as some tips for farming efficiently.

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The only way to farm Dark Matter is to consistently farm one of the Species Conquest or Original Creation monsters in the Monster Arena Dark Matters are the rare drops of all those fiends (12 percent chance).

But, with so many choices, which friends are the greatest for this?

Well, picking a fiend that you can consistently beat while also having a common drop item that can make you money (we’re all about efficient farming) is a smart idea.

This is when One-Eye and Fenrir come in handy.

Weapons with Triple AP are dropped by One-Eye and may be sold for a premium price. Fenrir also drops Agility Spheres, which are required to max up that (one of the more significant) stat.

Especially when it comes to Species Conquest and Original Creation monsters, both of those opponents are on the lower end of the difficulty range.

After capturing x4 copies of every Eye-type adversary in Spira (complete list below), One-Eye is unlocked:

  • (On the Mi’ihen Highroad) Floating Eye
  • It’s a buer (on the Thunder Plains)
  • The Evil Eye (in the Macalania area)
  • Ahriman is a character in the book Ahriman (on Mt. Gagazet)
  • Death Floating (in the Omega Ruins)

After capturing x3 copies of every Lupine-type enemy in the game (full list below), Fenrir is unlocked:

  • Bandersnatch is a film about a group of people who (on Mt. Gagazet)
  • Dingo is a kind of dog (on Besaid Island)
  • Garm is a term used to describe a (on the Djose Highroad)
  • (on the Mi’ihen Highroad) Mi’ihen Fang
  • Sand Wolf is a fictional character (in the Bikanel Desert)
  • Skoll is a character in the film Skoll (in the Calm Lands)
  • Wolf of the Snow (on Lake Macalania)

By unlocking Ultima Buster in the Monster Arena, you’ll also get a one-time prize of x99 Dark Matter. Ultima Buster can only be unlocked if you’ve captured x5 replicas of every creature in Spira, so expect it to take a long.


Ultima Buster full screenshot / FFX HD


What is the Purpose of Dark Matter?

Dark Matter is one of the game’s rarest goods, and for good reason: it allows you to personalize two of the game’s strongest powers.

Dark Matter provides Break Damage Limit and Ribbon.

A character with the Break Damage Limit ability may strike for more than 9999 total damage, enabling them to hit for a total of 99999. This increase in the damage limit is critical for dealing with any stuff outside of the main plot.

Ribbon shields you from all negative status effects, just as it does in every Final Fantasy game. This is something so useful that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

  • To modify Break Damage Limit, you’ll need 60 Dark Matters.
  • To modify Ribbon, you’ll need 99 Dark Matters.

Using two Dark Matters, you can even teach an Aeon the Full Break ability.


Dark Matter x2 Drop Screenshot / FFX HD


Rikku, like every other item in Final Fantasy X, may employ Dark Matters in her mixes, such as these:

Trio of 9999 (Bomb Core + Dark Matter): For the duration of the fight, the party’s attacks and abilities all inflict 9999 damage.

Final Elixir (Al Behd Potion + Dark Matter): Completely restores the party’s HP and MP, as well as fully resurrecting KOed members and clearing negative status effects.

Sunburst (Blessed Gem + Dark Matter): Hits all opponents for a fixed 19,998 damage.


Fafnir Monster Arena Battle Screenshot / FFX HD


Is it Worth Farming Dark Matter?

Yes, but just for Ribbon, to be honest.

All Celestial Weapons have a Break Damage Limit by default. And it’s meaningless to teach Full Break to an Aeon when anybody else can do it.

Plus, Rikku’s mixtures may be made using less expensive ingredients.

As a result, Dark Matters may be reduced to “that object utilized for Ribbon.” And that’s just OK.

Ribbon is a fantastic ability that should be included in every ultimate armor construct.

Any use of Dark Matter for anything else only gets in the way of that.

So, yeah, go harvest your Dark Matters, but first and foremost, focus on earning Ribbon with them.

Farming is a game in which players can grow crops and raise livestock to produce resources. The most common use of farming is to gather resources for crafting. Reference: farming for beginners .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start farming?

A: Start by opening your inventory and finding a weapon that you like. Next, click on it to equip the item. Now hold down trigger button 1 (the main left mouse button) while holding the movement controls in one hand with pointer finger still on the mouse scroll wheel as if you were scrolling through something or clicking things around them. This will cause sword trails to appear behind where you are swinging your saber at which is called trailing and indicates that you should be able to start slashing enemies right away without having to do anything else

How do you farm step by step?

A: You need to play the game on expert difficulty, which requires a certain level of expertise, and beat it in under three hours. If youre around that skill level but struggling with time, then increasing your strats might help!

What is the easiest thing to farm?

A: The easiest thing to farm is eggs. Theyre worth 5 coins each and youll be able to make an eggnog that can get you up to 8-10 energy drinks, which are 20 coins a piece.

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