How To Earn Coins Easily On FIFA 22

How To Earn Coins Easily On FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is the premium soccer game on the planet and, right now, the only viable option for gamers wanting to take control of the world’s greatest stars.

Games Informer explains  how it is on track to be their most successful title ever, featuring the top European clubs and those from MLS and South America It is a global game for a global sport and boasts more than nine million players.

The most popular game mode is the Ultimate Team, known as FUT. It allows gamers to build a squad of players by opening packs of cards and winning matches to earn coins. Earning coins through games allows you to buy better players, and completing EA Sports SBCs  often rewards you with improved versions of cards. It has been criticized as a pay-to-win experience, and as a Bwin Sports piece on FIFA reveals , how to improve your squad is the major concern for any new gamer. There are many methods that people try, one of which is the bronze pack method. In fact, by using the bronze pack method, we were able to sign 89-rated, Team of the Week Lukaku in just five days, and we didn’t play a single game in four of those days.

Here’s how we did it.


The first day is all about preparation. If you haven’t set up your ultimate team yet, do so. You can undertake a host of challenges and by playing a handful of games, you can earn a base level of coins. For our method, you’ll need at least 10,000, which can be achieved by playing ten matches with an early coin boost.

You’ll also need to download the EA Sports FIFA app for your mobile device. At first, you may not have access to the transfer market on there, so you might need to buy players to get that access. If you do, make sure you’re buying on bronze players on Buy It Now prices of 200 coins to minimize the hit to your coin total. You may be able to flip these and sell them for the same, resulting in a ten coin loss (5%) per card.

Bronze Packs

The technique relies on the inflated value of many bronze cards, thanks to those SBCs. For instance, the Premier League set of SBCs requires players to assemble a team of cards from England which are bronze or silver – this inflates the price. Other SBCs require rare bronze cards, and even SBCs around India or China can inflate a card’s value. A bronze pack containing 12 items will usually reward you with more than the outlay.

Here’s an example. One really poor bronze pack set us back 750 coins. It featured five tifos and stadium themes which we quick sell for 154 coins. It then had players of the following values; Leshabela (200), Yang Boyu (250) and Chetri (200), as well as assorted consumables, which we sold for 38 coins. This was not a good pack, not at all, as all three players were common and of low resale value. The haul once the players sell is still 842 coins, a profit of just under 100 coins. Some packs contain players worth 3,000, while others have free packs, coin boosts, and the like. Usually, a rare bronze player will sell for 250 coins, and most top-flight bronze players go for upwards of 450 coins, with EPL players going for a bare minimum of 2,700. Typically, opening ten packs will bring you an average profit of between 200 and 400 coins.

The key is both patience and quantity. Not all of your players will sell, League of Ireland are difficult to shift, so there’s the occasion a handful get leftover. Also, we say you should have 10,000 coins to start to buy around 20 packs immediately; with the quick sell consumables this should be reasonable. Always put your players on for one hour and always check the current rates on a resource such as Futwiz. Plough any profits back into new packs; just rinse and repeat.

You should be able to turn forty-ish packs per day, and for us, that delivered a profit of around 10,000 coins. Four days later, you have 40,000 coins, which will get you that cherished Lukaku card. If you want to buy the 98-rated Pele Icon, you’ll need to set aside a little under two years. Enjoy!

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