How to Delete (Permanently) Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts?

Exit account deactivation, this is Delete all data related to your Facebook and Instagramaccounts .

How to Delete (Permanently) Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts?

Facebook and Instagram are no longer to your liking? They take up too much time and ruin family dinners? Concerned about the misuse of your personal data after the Cambridge Analytica scandal or sharing information with Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft and Amazon?

For those who feel concerned but are lost in the options of the two social networks, it is possible to go further than a simple account deactivation. Here’s how to permanently remove your presence on the Facebook and Instagram networks.

Delete your Instagram account

You should know that it is impossible to delete your account from the Instagram application. Moreover, it is simply impossible to perform such an action without going through the dedicated pages, indicated here. In the settings available in the web browser (mobile or PC), it is proposed to “deactivate” his account, i.e. freeze it until the user logs in again. In this case, your personal data will remain on Facebook’s servers.

To completely delete your account, you will need to login to this web page. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to enter your login details.

How to Delete (Permanently) Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts?

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Simply follow the steps, then click on the red button that will appear to delete your account.

Delete your Facebook account

Many people deactivated their account (which is also possible on the network’s mobile application), thinking that this was the only way to get rid of them. But you should know that Facebook does offer an option to completely delete your account.

The social network advises to download all the account information before deleting it, just in case. Facebook also warns thatcan take up to 90 days to delete all information from aaccount and that messages exchanged remain stored in the recipient’s thread. This way, your profile photos, messages and other information will be deleted, but all your activity on your friends’ profiles will remain online.

This being clearer, go to this link, and fill in your login information if needed.

How to Delete (Permanently) Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts?

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Confirm by pressing the delete button. Your account is permanently deleted.

Here are the steps to get rid of these services, or to make a fresh start!