How to defeat Alecto in Hades fast and easy

Alecto is the sentry level boss in the game Hades. She is released by Styx after you complete the first level of the game. She is much harder than Styx, so you have to work for your victory. The battle is long, but getting Styx to walk into her trap is an easy way to take her out. She has two kinds of attacks, she can fire a fire ball, which can be dodged by jumping over it, or she can fire a lightning bolt, which can be dodged by moving out of the way. She can also charge at you and knock you over. These attacks can be easily avoided. Her only attack that you cannot avoid is a fire ball that she throws at you. To defeat her

If you are looking to defeat Alecto in Hades, you’re lucky, as we have the perfect solution to defeat her and rescue Persephone! Alecto has taken Persephone captive and holds her captive in the depths of Hades. Luckily, we have a solution to defeat her and rescue Persephone.

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In Genshin Impact, we teach you how to solve the 8-face puzzle on Watatsumi Island in the Inazuma area.

Genshin Impact is a popular online game for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile platforms. It’s much more so now that version 2.1 includes all of the additional information.

Two additional islands have arrived in the Inazuma area of the miHoYo JRPG, as we previously reported. It’s about Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island, the latter of which conceals a beautiful and complex riddle.

The 8-sided puzzle is essentially a treasure chest hunt, with prizes including four common chests, an exquisite chest, and a priceless chest, as well as two hidden accomplishments.

If you wish to discover all of Watatsumi’s facial symbols and get these prizes, read on to learn how to solve the Watatsumi’s faces puzzle in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, solve the mystery of Watatsumi’s faces.

We may engage with an item to start a side quest during our journey on Watatsumi Island. This prompts us to seek for eight faces strewn around the island, each of which will disclose the location of a hidden treasure.

We must first go to Bourou Village, particularly the waypoint, to begin the task. We must next travel southwest along the beach till we come upon a hidden cave. Please come in.

We’ll discover many items in this cave, but to start the treasure hunt, you’ll need to interact with some notes.

The locations of each of the eight faces are then revealed, as well as the last step in completing the task.

Face 1

On Watatsumi Island, the first piece of the jigsaw may be located northwest of the aforementioned cave. It’s right next to a waterfall, to be precise.

We may dig to the left of the face (visible with the naked eye) and uncover a common chest, which Paimon will remark on.

Face 2


To locate the second face, we must go east of Watatsumi Island’s Statue of the Seven. When you arrive, leap to the east of the ledge to find the emblem.

You may also find another common chest beneath face 2 with various gifts for gamers.

Face 3


The third face is located north of the second, that is, north of Watatsumi Island’s Statue of the Seven.

It will be located close to another waterfall. Another frequent chest may be found by digging into the large root next door.

Face 4


To locate Face 4, we go to a different place. We must go west of the Watatsumi Island waypoint, using the map’s north as a guide.

Slide beneath a ledge to locate Side 4 after you’ve arrived. Another hidden Common Chest may be found by digging underneath it.

Face 5


Face 5 is located directly south of Face 4. You can see it with your naked eye if you go in the same way as the last discovery.

However, you’ll discover that the common chest for this puzzle’s fifth face has already been discovered.

Face 6


Head north of the waypoint in Bourou Village to locate the sixth face. There will be a wooden wagon there once you arrive.

Face 6 is located next to this vehicle, however there is no hidden chest that corresponds to this face.

Face 7


You’ll have to go northeast of Bourou Village to locate the puzzle’s face 7. This symbol can be seen with the naked eye in another waterfall.

The buried chest at this location has already been unearthed, as it was on Face 5… We are surprised by someone we don’t anticipate.

Face 8

The eighth and final face is located east of the Sangonomiya Shrine route point, close to a compass mark.

There is no buried chest for this step, as there was for face 6, but you will already have the puzzle’s 8 faces.


You will be given the ” Long John Silver ” trophy after you reach face 8. Of course, you’ll have to battle some Treasure Hoarders in order to progress to the next level.

To locate the pirates who left the above-mentioned messages, go to the southwest of the Suigetsu Pool area. If you defeat them, you’ll get a letter revealing the location of the last treasure.


Then return to the cave where you discovered the treasure notes at the start. We will now have the choice of excavating.

We were awarded with a valuable chest as well as the trophy “A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure” for our efforts. Congratulations on completing the assignment.

Genshin Impact is playable on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile platforms. Its makers, miHoYo, are working on a Nintendo Switch version that has yet to be announced.

Alecto is one of the strongest boss in the final mission of the video game  “Hades” a mobile action RPG developed by  En Masse Entertainment.. Read more about hades furies one wing and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you defeat Alecto Hades?

Alecto Hades is a boss in the game. To defeat him, you must hit his weak spot on his back with your saber.

How do you stop Alecto rage?

Alecto rage is a rare condition that can occur when the users heart rate exceeds a certain level. In order to stop this, you must lower your heart rate by taking deep breaths and relaxing.

How do you beat Tisiphone?

Tisiphone is a very difficult boss that requires a lot of practice and skill. It is recommended to use the Laser powerup in order to defeat her.

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