How to Copy Text to the Vim Clipboard


On this article, I’m going to point out you copy textual content from Vim editor to a different program. Our purpose is to get the content material copied to the clipboard.

To make use of copy and paste inside the vim is simpler utilizing yank command or utilizing registers. However in relation to copy to a different utility say to a browser we’d like additional steps. Right here I’ll clarify two strategies to repeat textual content to your system clipboard.

  • By Putting in vim-gtk
  • By Compiling Vim

Technique 1: By Putting in vim-gtk

So, how can we copy from the Vim to a different Vim window or a browser? By default, Vim doesn’t have this capability to entry your system clipboard, however getting this capability is definitely very simple. A method is simply to compile a model of Vim that has entry to clipboard, one other lazy manner is to only set up gvim (also referred to as vim-gtk).

Gvim is a graphical model of Vim. Once you set up gvim, it can give the traditional terminal vim its copying and pasting skills to your clipboard. In different phrases, it offers you the flexibility to repeat to a particular register that corresponds to your system’s clipboard. Particular register is a +. It’s actually only a register you’ll be able to copy issues to and that may routinely put it in your system clipboard.

To put in gvim (or vim-gtk), run:

$ sudo apt-get set up vim-gtk

Allow us to take into account an instance of copying a hyperlink handle and paste it to the browser. Please open our instance file and navigate to the final line. Now, it’s a must to run the next command:


the place:
+  is your system’s clipboard

Open your browser and press ctrl+v the identical manner you’ll usually paste and see that now it’s pasted in. We will go to that website and get one thing from it, copy and paste to our Vim. Let’s copy the identical manner that we do usually with ctrl+c. Now, we are able to entry this copied line in Vim by working the next instructions:


You see that it efficiently pastes the content material from the browser to Vim.

Technique 2: By Compiling Vim

One other manner is to compile Vim to help clipboard copying. The default Vim doesn’t have it below the hood. So, to test, whether or not this selection is legitimate, please run:

vim –version | grep .xterm_clipboard -o

In the event you’ll get one thing like this: -xterm_clipboard

Which means that copying to clipboard will not be supported and it’s a must to compile your Vim. Price to say, that solely the Vim model with GUI helps clipboard entry. So, with a view to recompile the Vim it’s a must to begin by getting the compile dependencies of Vim and set up mercurial:

$ sudo apt-get build-dep vim
$ sudo apt-get set up mercurial

Now, get the supply:

$ sudo hg clone

In the event you already had this repository clone, then replace it:

$ sudo hg pull
$ sudo hg replace

After which test if in case you have the most recent model:

$ hg abstract

Now, it’s a must to compile it:

cd vim_source./configure
–with-compiledby=”YourName <[email protected]>”
–with-python-config-dir=/usr/lib/python2.7/configmake && sudo make set up

That can set up it in /usr/native path. Please observe that you’ll find yourself with two vim’s: /usr/bin/vim with out entry to your clipboard:

vim installed in /usr/bin/vim

vim put in in /usr/bin/vim

and /usr/native/bin/vim with entry to your clipboard:

vim installed in /usr/local/bin/

vim put in in /usr/native/bin/

And with gvim /usr/native/bin/gvim (with a symlink to /usr/native/bin/vim. It’s going to help clipboards whether or not or not you are in GUI mode. And you’ll all the time run the previous one with the specific path.

As soon as all the pieces is compiled, you need to use /usr/native/bin/vim to open any file and copy-paste textual content the identical as we thought-about earlier than by utilizing the ‘+’ register.

How one can retailer textual content into register

Registers are small cupboard space in in your system that may retailer the contents you may have yanked or copied. You need to use many registers to retailer totally different yanked contents.

Use the next command  will choose a line and retailer to ‘a’ register:


the place:

V (capital V) – for marking the entire line
” (double quote) – to entry the register
a – register identify
y – yank (copy)

And for the ‘b’ register


Now, we’ve saved textual content in two totally different registers and we are able to paste them out, and we are able to paste them out in a special order. As an example, we are able to paste out ‘b’ register by working the next command:


the place:

p – paste


On this article, we’ve thought-about two methods of allow entry to your clipboard in Vim. Each choices are legitimate and plainly putting in the vim-gtk bundle is quicker and environment friendly than compiling Vim.

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