How to copy In Ubuntu and Other Linux Terminal


I’ve been utilizing Linux for a decade now and for this reason generally I take issues without any consideration.

Copy pasting within the Linux terminal is one among such issues.

I believed everybody already knew this till one of many It’s FOSS readers requested me this query. I gave the next suggestion to the Ubuntu person:

Use Ctrl+Shift+C for copying and Ctrl+Shift+V for pasting textual content within the terminal in Ubuntu. Proper click on and choosing the copy/paste choice from the context menu can also be an choice.

I considered elaborating on this subject specifically when there isn’t a single common approach of copy and paste within the Linux terminal.

The way to copy paste textual content and instructions within the Linux terminal

There are a number of methods to do that.

Technique 1: Utilizing keyboard shortcuts for copy pasting within the terminal

On Ubuntu and plenty of different Linux distributions, you should utilize Ctrl+shift+C for copying textual content and Ctrl+shift+V for pasting textual content within the terminal.

Copy Paste Linux Terminal

The copy pasting additionally works for the exterior sources. In case you copy a command instance from It’s FOSS web site (utilizing the generic Ctrl+C keys), you possibly can paste this command into the terminal utilizing the Ctrl+Shift+V into the terminal.

Equally, you should utilize Ctrl+shift+C to repeat textual content from the terminal after which use it to stick in a textual content editor or net browser utilizing the common Ctrl+V shortcut.

Mainly, if you find yourself interacting with the Linux terminal, you utilize the Ctrl+Shift+C/V for copy-pasting.

Technique 2: Utilizing proper click on context menu for copy pasting within the terminal

One other approach of copying and pasting within the terminal is by utilizing the fitting click on context menu.

Choose the textual content within the terminal, proper click on and choose Copy. Equally, to stick the chosen textual content, proper click on and choose Paste.

Copy Paste Terminal Ubuntu

Technique 3: Utilizing mouse to repeat paste in Linux terminal

One other solution to copy paste in Linux terminal is by utilizing solely the mouse.

You’ll be able to choose the textual content you wish to copy after which press the center mouse button (scrolling wheel) to stick the copied textual content.

Please remember the fact that these strategies might not work in all of the Linux distributions for a particular purpose that I clarify within the subsequent part.

There isn’t any common key shortcuts for copy paste within the Linux terminal. Right here’s why!

The keybindings for copy-pasting are depending on the terminal emulator (generally generally known as terminal) you might be utilizing.

In case you didn’t know that already terminal is simply an utility and you’ll set up different terminals like Guake or Terminator.

Totally different terminal functions might have their very own keybindings for copying and pasting like Alt+C/V or Ctrl+Alt+C/V.

Most Linux terminals use the Ctrl+Shift+C/V keys but when it doesn’t give you the results you want, you could strive different key mixtures or configure the keys from the preferences of the terminal emulator.

In case you use Putty on Linux or Home windows it makes use of a complete totally different keybindings. In Putty, choosing a textual content robotically copies it and you’ll paste it utilizing proper click on.

Why Linux terminals don’t use the ‘common’ Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for

No Linux terminal will provide you with Ctrl+C for copying the textual content. It’s because by default Ctrl+C keybinding is used for sending an interrupt sign to the command operating in foreground. This normally stops the operating command.

Ctrl C LinuxUtilizing Ctrl+C stops a operating command in Linux terminal

This conduct has been current lengthy earlier than Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V began getting used for copy-pasting textual content.

For the reason that Ctrl+C keys are ‘reserved’ for stopping a command, it can’t be used for copying.

Used Ctrl+S and hanged the terminal?

Most of us use Ctrl+S keys to avoid wasting modifications made to textual content, pictures and so forth. This secret is virtually common for saving similar as Ctrl+C is for copying.
Nonetheless, should you enter Ctrl+S in Linux terminal, it’ll freeze the terminal. No want to shut the terminal and begin it once more. You should use Ctrl+Q to unfreeze the terminal.
Ctrl+S and Ctrl+Q are shortcut keys for move management.

I do know that is elementary for the Sherlock Holmes of the Linux world nevertheless it might nonetheless be helpful to the Watsons.

New or not, you could at all times use shortcuts in Linux terminal to make your life simpler.


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