How to control Sonos with Google Assistant

The good news is you now have a choice of controlling Sonos with Google Assistant Previously, Alexa was the only option to control Sonos with your voice command. If you’re thinking it’s time to switch over Alexa to Google Assistant this it is the right time to do it. If you’re using an old Sonos speaker such as Play 1 or Play 5 you can use GOOGLE HOME speakers to control it.

A Sonos system allows you to stream music or set up a home theatre system in any room. It allows you to control it through your phone or tablet. You can use a Sonos system with your existing sound system and turn it into a wireless sound system. They create a custom Wi-Fi network in your home which is called a Sasosnet. This is how they gain access to do amazing things. You can look for discount and coupon code while buying Sonos system or the Google Assistant in order to save more in your purchase.

How to control Sonos with Google Assistant?

Most of the Sonos comes with its own voice assistant, however, you can also configure one to use Google Assistant and another to use Alexa. This way your Sonos system stays synced with both the voice assistants and will remain aware of what’s playing, no matter which device is playing it. In order to set up Google Assistant on your Sonos system, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open the Sonos app on your smartphone.
  2. At the bottom right of the app, you will find the “More” tab under that tab click on Voice Searches
  3. From the list of the compatible speakers, choose Google Assistant and not Alexa.
  4. Go to the Google Assistant app (Install it before you start the process).
  5. Log in to the Google Assistant your Sonos account information in order to link it.
  6. Google will detect your Sonos speaker and then will request access to control it and will install the music service you use.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 if you want to add more than one speaker.

If you are using older Sonos speakers, you will have to follow the above-mentioned steps in order to control the Sonos system. The only change in this is there is no option to choose a speaker, you just need to log in with your Sonos account in the Google Assistant app.

You can’t set routines from the Google Home app. Also, you can’t use broadcast mode with the help of Google Assistant. After you have completed the setup process, you can control the Sonos system with your voice.

You can now play, pause, skip songs, and adjust volume with a Google Home or Google Mini. Though the Sonos system doesn’t support all Google Assistant features such as

  1. Sonos system doesn’t support voice recognition for multiple people. But we can expect them merging anytime soon.
  2. Google Assistant doesn’t allow you to make phone calls or send messages on Sonos.

We can expect the Sonos system to support these features anytime soon. You can use a lot of apps to play music using Voice commands with Google Assistant and Sonos system. Some of them are Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music YouTube Music Deezer, iHeartRadio (It can’t be added to the Assistant app, but can play songs on Sonos), Tidal (It can’t be added to the Assistant app, but can play songs on Sonos), TuneIn Radio (It can’t be added to the Assistant app, but can play songs on Sonos). If you want to listen to music on Apple Music you can ask Siri to play songs from your iOS device since most of the Sonos System support AirPlay 2.

How to switch between Voice Assistants?

You can switch between Google Assistant and Alexa but you can’t use both the assistant simultaneously. In order to switch from Google Assistant to Alexa or vice-versa, you need to open the Sonos app and click on More tab. Then click on Voice Services and choose the other assistant.


You can use Google Assistant to control the Sonos system in your house. You can even control the smart devices directly with the help of Google Assistant. You will just need to buy a Google Home or Home Mini. A Sonos system is very versatile and flexible. Sonos is for every kind of speakers, from a small one to a large one, soundbars to subwoofers, it allows you to turn your existing speaker system into a wireless speaker system. Follow the above-mentioned steps to control your Sonos system with Google Assistant. We can expect support for multiple voices in the near future.

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