How to complete the Trial of Crooked-Eye Phil side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s add-ons expand upon her lore, introducing a new quest line called “Crooked-Eye Phil” that takes place on the outskirts of her underworld. The first installment in this series is complete with a journal and side quests that lead to unspeakable rewards!

The “trial of crooked eye phil puzzle ” is a side quest that can be found in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The objective of the side quest is to find and complete the trial of crooked-eye Phil.

Phil, sadly, comes out as a pretty wicked person. As a result, several pirates seek to imprison him and throw away the key. He’s been charged with a crime, and he’ll need a good lawyer to defend him. It seems that you will have to make do. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, here’s how to finish the Trial of Crooked-Eye Phil side quest.

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You must first finish the Ballad of Bones quest in order to get this quest. This will enable you to get through Wargtooth Shallows and into the Overworld. Go down the hill to the NPC who will offer you the Eye of the Deceiver task after you’ve arrived in the Overworld. Turn left and go between the rocks to find the Lucky Dice. The mission may be picked up behind the rock with the Lucky Dice on it.

Allow the trial to begin.

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Your first task is to locate Phil. Go up the hill to Crackmast Cove to do so. Follow the trail to where it opens up after you’ve loaded in. Keep walking ahead until you reach the enormous anchor in the distance. Take care of the pirates in the area near the anchor, then knock on the box on the wooden platform. Phil will respond.

More pirates must be defeated.

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You’ll be entrusted with pushing the lever behind Phil’s cage after a short talk. After pulling the lever, you must defend yourself from a swarm of pirates. When the battle is over, head to the neighboring cover to the right of the cage for instructions to Phil’s cove. Continue in the same route after you get the instructions to locate a local to speak with. You’ll come across a bunch of pirates with whom you may converse.

It’s puzzle time!

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Surle Finbreaker is the person to talk to. As a pirate, you’ll have to prove yourself. Infiltrate a neighboring cave and defeat the pirates within. Go up to the wooden platform after the combat. Three levers will be present. Three symbols are shown above the entrance. To open the door, pull the levers until the green symbols meet the white ones beneath.

To get to Phil’s lair, follow the tunnel. Look through his dungeon until you locate the non-evil certificate. It’s at the rear left corner of the room, in the chest. To unlock the hidden passageway, pull the chain adjacent to the fireplace and follow the tunnel. After the descent, turn right and continue the trail to meet up with Churl.

Dispose of the evidence

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Follow the trail up the hill once Surle unlocks the gate for you. You’ll need to demolish three totems similar to the one seen above. They’re available at the following locations:

  • At the summit of the first incline.
  • On a wooden platform in front of a home, to the right of the first totem.
  • Behind the home that the second one is in front of, on a wooden platform.

After you’ve destroyed the three totems, you may go on to the next step. Meet up with Churl near the town’s end. Churl will assist you by opening the gate. Carry on along the trail. On your journey to the prison, you may destroy two additional totems. Make your way through town to the location where the earlier-mentioned box is hung. Make your way back into town and to the prison now that the box is empty. Melee the cannon to shatter the jail’s weak wall on the left.

Look for Phil (finally)

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Return to the jail’s main entrance and pass through the big structure. Take out the pirates as you climb to the top of the skyscraper. Phil is being held in the top-floor detention cell. Follow the walkway behind the prison to the courtroom after chatting with Phil. Approach the stand after speaking with Phil once more. Present the certificate and pay attention to the proceedings in court.

You will get two additional goals at this period. You have the option of doing nothing or meleeing a nearby totem and shooting Judge Boil. Complete the judicial processes, whether forcefully or nonviolently, and then speak with Phil. The mission is now complete.

In “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands”, there is a side quest called “Crooked-Eye Phil”. The player must find the cracked mast cove rune switch and use it to complete the trial. Reference: crackmast cove rune switch .

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