How to complete The Percival Passage Escalation Contract in Hitman 3

Percival Passage is the first climbing mission for Dartmoor in Hitman 3. After being weakened when climbing the Phoenix, the difficulty here increases significantly. In this guide, we explain the best and easiest way to get through each stage of this climb.

Step 1 – Official business

We began to sweat at the sight of the targets of this escalation. You can start with two objectives. The two guards are somewhere on Dartmoor. Players must destroy them while wearing the official hunting outfit, and if they change disguises at any point, the mission fails.

They’re going to launch a boat for this climb. It is located next to the greenhouse and provides fairly direct access to the rear of the property. Officer 47 is already dressed in the official hunter image, so there is no need to choose a disguise. However, this equipment is not visible anywhere, either in real life or in Hitman 3. The key is to avoid all NPCs.

Run along the edge of the maze to the mansion and use the bushes to hide from the guards patrolling it. Turn left at the edge of the labyrinth and walk to the stairs leading from the garden to the manor house. Go up the stairs and to the right of the main entrance. There’s a drainpipe you have to climb.

Climb up the gutter on the left until you reach an open window leading to the first floor of the main hall. Enter through the window and follow the passage, go through the open door on the other side and exit through the window.

This path will take you to your first destination.

You can descend and move along the edge until you are directly below the target. The best way to kill them here is to shoot them over the edge and then down onto the balcony. No fuss, no muss.

From there, it’s easier to jump over the edge of the balcony and around the mansion to the window, where the next target patrol will appear about every 20 seconds. Wait until they get to the window and then turn them off.

Once both targets are destroyed, it’s time to head for the exit. Go around the edge until you find another drainpipe. Once you’re back in the field, there are two exits nearby. The simplest is a small wooden bridge just in front of the balcony where the first target was.

You’ll have to drop something to distract the guard and the gardener, but until you’re spotted by then, you should be able to escape without any problems.

Step 2 – Shave without leaving a mark

The next step in this escalation challenges you to kill the original two targets plus one brand new target. Everyone must be killed with the barber’s razor and all bodies, unconscious and dead, must be hidden before the mission can be accomplished.

You enter the mission from the same place, and the path you take here remains the same as on level 1. The only difference is that after climbing the gutter, you have to go in through the bathroom window. You can see it on the map because the barber razor is marked for you.

Once you have a razor, go back to the window. Now follow the path to the first door as you did on the first level, but with one exception. In the first floor corridor, a newspaper lies to the right of the drawers. Take it with you before you leave the window again and head to your first destination.

This time you can’t shoot a target from the balcony, you have to use Barber’s razor. Go, hanging, to the left side of the balcony where the first target is located. Wait until he turns around before you go overboard. All you have to do is load the razor and take it out.

In the bedroom there is a closet where you can hide your body. Once it’s hidden, it’s time to move on to the second goal. Fortunately, you can reach them through the front door.

The target is the attorney’s custody. Wait until they start to pull away from the lawyer before you hurry. The guards should not notice you when you are in the corridor, but for security reasons always stay out of sight.

Once inside, take the guard out with the razor while he looks out the window. Then go to the lawyer and subdue him. This is where the paper can be useful if the lawyer stands up and realizes you are shooting at your target first.

Keep both bodies in the chest, in the same room. Now it’s time to focus on your ultimate goal. It is located on the top floor of the mansion, in Alexa Carlisle’s office. You can’t reach the top from the inside unless you change the camouflage, and that’s not an option, so it’s time to jump through the window making the second target level 1.

Walk along the ledge to the front side of the farmhouse. It’s a bit long, but it’s the best way to reach the destination. When you get to the main entrance of the mansion, you’ll see a drainpipe. Go up the stairs and you’re on the second floor.

You now have to go through Alexa Carlisle’s room to get to her office, but there are two employees on the way. Equip the paper and take it out as discreetly as possible. It is best to subdue an unarmed male employee first and reserve the paper for an employee who is likely to approach you at some point.

You can hide the bodies in a closet in the same room. Make sure the guard outside doesn’t see you.

Instead of running through the open door, cross the rooms on the left to enter Alex Carlisle’s office. Maybe you should throw something to distract the guard. If anything gets hot, take it down the hall and hide it in Alex Carlisle’s room. There is a second cabinet waiting to be filled.

Once in the office, you will notice that your target’s back is strategically facing the stairs. You can’t sneak up on him and kill him with a razor blade. Instead, you throw yourself at him and stab him. Even though he’s not very sophisticated, he does the job quietly.

You can hide the body in the chest under the stairs. You can then go to the balcony through the drainpipe and exit in the same way as on level 1.

Stage 3 – 47 goes hunting

The third and final level of this escalation adds two new targets and a complication that will cause the mission to fail if you kill non-targets. You must also kill each target with Bartoli’s gun.

You come back in by boat, which is ideal. Follow the same route as in Level 1, but make sure you take this log. You don’t have to use a razor. Instead of killing someone all at once, go where the end goal was, on level 2, in Alexa Carlisle’s office.

Slide over the edge of the farm and climb the gutter until you get there. If someone sees you, make sure you subdue them, not kill them. You don’t have to hide any bodies this time, so keep moving.

Shotgun at the top of the office stairs. Once you have it, the first three goals are a breeze.

The first two goals are on the balcony outside the office. Wait until they are side by side and then blow them both up. If you’re quick, you won’t have time to answer.

The sound will be enough to make your third target walk onto the balcony to explore. Blow it up and you’ll take out three of your five targets in about 10 seconds.

The next two objectives are the same as those for levels 1 and 2. You can see the first one if you look here at the right edge of the balcony.

Go through the drainpipe and the ledge, go through the balcony and blow it up. Your next target is the hardest.

As on the second level, sneak into the corridor and subdue the lawyer. Now you have to shoot the target with a shotgun and jump out the window before anyone sees you.

You just have to go to the exit. If you want a little more trouble, try leaving the main entrance of the mansion along the road. There is a baseball in the parking lot that we found very useful when we wanted to destroy two non-targets in quick succession.

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