How to complete the Oh, Deer feat in Hitman 3

This is one of the most difficult achievements in Hitman 3 because you have to trigger it by doing a specific sequence of moves, like this: from an aerial kill onto a moving target

The “hitman holiday hoarders 12 items” is a challenge from Hitman 3. The goal of the challenge is to complete the “Oh, Deer feat.”.

Oh, Deer is a Hitman 3 achievement that you may get in the Christmas-themed Holiday Hoarders task. After they fail to discover any of the objects they planned to take from the museum, you must murder both targets in the assignment with an explosion generated by a propane flask. This is a difficult task since it takes a lot of legwork. This instruction, on the other hand, will teach you how to prevent the targets from taking anything and then kill them with the necessary explosion.

Step 1: Take everything.

The thievery of all the stuff is the first phase of this achievement. Your targets will start stealing nearly immediately, giving you a little window of opportunity to steal the stuff they’re chasing. We’ve listed all twelve goods you’ll need to pick up below, in sequence, so you’ll know where to go. To achieve the Santa’s Little Helper feat, you must gather them in this sequence. For each item, we’ve supplied a map reference. To finish each thing on time, you’ll need to start in the kitchen incognito. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to acquire all of the items by your deadline.

The first thing is an apricot, which is now sitting on the kitchen counter.

item-1-apricot-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 2: Coconut – In the canteen, the coconut is just down the hall from the apricot.

item-2-coconut-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Artifact 3: Cannonball – In one of the museum’s wings, this item is shown next to a replica of a boat.

item-3-cannon-ball-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 4: Toy tank: This item is in the same wing as the cannonball, sitting behind the staff staring at a picture on the counter.

item-4-toy-tank-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Weapon 5: Battleaxe – This item protrudes from the restaurant’s ice sculpture. You won’t be able to hide it, so obtain a security disguise.

item-5-battleaxe-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 6: Shuriken – The shuriken is hidden on a clothes rack around the corner near the battleaxe.

item-6-shuriken-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 7: Remote detonator for fireworks – This item may be found on the lighting desk on the first floor balcony. If you’re not quick enough, one of your targets may get there before you.

item-7-fireworks-remote-detonator-map-reference-hitman-3-hioliday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 8: Circumcision knife: This item may be found in a room near the remote detonator for fireworks.

item-8-circumcision-knife-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 9: Cowboy bust — If you access the attic using the museum director’s office ladder, this is the first thing you’ll see.

item-9-cowboy-bust-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 10: Saber – This sword may be discovered farther up in the attic.

item-10-saber-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Item 11: Bust – The bust may be found in the attic on the security desk.

item-11-bust-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Branson MD-2 microphone (item 12) – This last piece is tucked up in the attic once again.

item-12-branson-md-2-microphone-map-reference-hitman-3Photographed by

Step 2: Go to the garden and sit and wait.

step-2-head-to-the-garden-and-wait-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Drop the saber and battleaxe and go to the garden after you’ve found all of the items. You must locate the lion statue with two propane flasks carefully positioned underneath it. This place is shown on the map below.

lion-statue-map-reference-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

Wait near the propane flasks, and both targets will eventually arrive to this portion of the garden and stand near them. You’ll only have a few seconds to fire the flasks and trigger an explosion, so take advantage of it when the time arises. Both targets should be killed, and the Oh, Deer feat should be completed. All that’s left for you to do now is complete the job.

oh-deer-complete-hitman-3-holiday-hoardersPhotographed by

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