How to complete The Ditcher side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The Ditcher side quest has been causing a lot of headaches for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands players. Here we will go over how to complete the side quest with no fuss or muss and get your reward!
The Ditcher is an easy-to-complete but frustratingly difficult “sidequest” in Tiny Tina’s

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a game where you can explore the world and complete side quests. One of these side quests is The Ditcher. This quest requires you to find a golden shovel, which will allow you to dig up dirt from under the ground.

Izzy is suffering from a case of possession. If you speak with her at her bar, she will speak in Salissa’s voice. In Sunfang Oasis, there is a chest that you may open. However, issues may develop. Are you willing to take on the challenge? It’s now up to you to find out. Here’s how to finish Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ The Ditcher side quest.

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It’s easy to get this task. You must first finish the game’s Karnok’s Wall phase. This is when the Son of a Witch mission will be completed. Return to Brighthoof and chat with Izzy in her soda shop after that is completed. The task will be given to you by her.

Not all chests are created equal.

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Return to the Overworld and go to Sunfang Oasis to begin the quest. The region to the left of Karnok’s Wall is this. Follow the way through the oasis until you find the chest behind a huge palm tree. Salissa will be able to escape if you open the chest. Trivia’s Gerritt will emerge and deliver the dreadful news. You will be assaulted after the conversation. Talk to Gerritt when the battle is ended. He’ll unlock the door to the throne chamber.

Salissa is being sought.

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To get to the throne chamber, take the newly opened passageway. The road is easy yet teeming with foes. Take them with you on your journey. Clear the throne chamber before speaking with Gerritt. After instructing you that you must gather Seawarg Hearts, he will unlock another door. Jump down the waterfall after passing through the portal. To acquire the Seawargs’ hearts, go down the hill and battle them. Jump down to the hamlet below you and inside the temple after you have their hearts. Bury the hearts when you reach the Everfrost Temple.

Salissa is available for free.

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With the hearts buried, you will now need to collect the battle standards of the three Viziers. Leave the temple. Out front, you will confront the first of the Viziers. After defeating the first Vizier, you can find the other two to the left and right of the temple. Once all three battle standards have been collected, place them around Salissa’s tomb. Shatter the ice with a good melee attack. This will Salissa is available for free.’s body, but not her mind.

Allow your thoughts to flow freely.

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After freeing Salissa’s body, you will need to Salissa is available for free.’s mind. Go to the Temple of the Goddesses and talk to the curator. After listening to the curator, jump into the hole in the center of the room. You will land in the Wonder Well. From there, follow the pathway up and collect the four elemental crystals. After collecting three of the crystals, a Coiled miniboss will appear. Defeat the miniboss to obtain the final crystal. Jump through the portal and place the crystals on their pedestals. Salissa will take control of the curator.

If you talk to the curator, she will go. Following her to Ascension Point is a good idea. You’ll have to defend her from adversaries along the road. The sky will darken as she approaches the top of the region, and Salissa’s thoughts will be set free.

The Maze of the Labyrinth

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Reach The Maze of the Labyrinth and grab the keystone next to the door. Place the keystone on the pedestal and recite the phrase to open the door. Navigate your way through The Maze of the Labyrinth defeat the Heartphage, and grab the Bident. Now that you have the Bident, return to the temple and use the lift to get to the roof. Gerritt will summon Salissa and you will need to defeat her in a boss battle. Once she is defeated, take the portal to the throne room and the quest will be completed.

The “who is tiny tina ” is a quest that can be found in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The Ditcher side quest has been completed by completing the game and reaching level 10.

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