How to Complete the Can’t Catch Me Challenge in BitLife

Can’t Catch Me is a mini-game in BitLife, the blockchain-powered game that has been getting a lot of press lately. There are two ways to complete this challenge:
1) If you find Tamura at one of her planned locations and quickly catch up with her without being seen by other players, you will be awarded points for your efforts!
2) Find five more places where she might be hiding over time and work out how to accomplish all six tasks provided within the game before Tamura can escape again. You’ll win if you’re able to do so! The first person who starts searching wins an extra 10% on their score!, though they may not have found any place yet.-
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The “bitlife challenges today” is a game that was released on July 4th, 2014. It has since been updated and the developers have added new content to the game. The challenge in this game is to complete all of the challenges without getting caught by any of the security robots.

How to Complete the Can

I’m not a criminal, so I’m not sure how simple it is to steal money in secret from locations all over the globe and then alter your whole identity to elude capture. However, based on what we see in espionage and criminal films and certain seasons of Lupin III, it isn’t that tough, and if it isn’t that difficult, it isn’t that entertaining. Let’s attempt stealing a lot of money in a variety of methods over a lengthy period of time to keep things interesting. Here’s how to finish BitLife’s Can’t Catch Me Challenge.

The Can’t Catch Me Task is the newest crime-themed challenge in life simulator BitLife, and it’s designed to put your skills to the test by requiring you to not only steal people blind, but also to leave federal investigators with no clue where to search for you. Completing this task might take a lifetime due to the amount of training, patience, and chance-based undertakings required, therefore begin as a young adult if at all possible.

How to Complete BitLife’s Can’t Catch Me Challenge

The five goals of the Can’t Catch Me Challenge are as follows:

  • Embezzlement of more than $100,000
  • Banks have been robbed for more than $50,000.
  • At least two occasions successfully evaded the cops.
  • At least five times, change your name.
  • At least five times emigrate

Embezzlement is the first step on the road to disaster. For individuals without a desk job, this is stealing money from a corporation you work for. You’ll need to work full-time and consistently to do this. When you have a job, go to your Activities tab’s Crimes section and pick Embezzle Money. You’ll be asked how much money you want to try to embezzle; whether or not you succeed (and your chances aren’t excellent to begin with) is solely dependent on how well you get along with your colleagues and how much money you try to steal. To keep your risks minimal, steal tiny quantities of money over many years if you don’t mind taking it slowly.

Then it’s time for some good ol’ bank robbery, which will almost certainly lead to fleeing the authorities. To try a bank robbery, pick Crimes from the Activities menu once again. For your robbery, you’ll need to choose a mask, a weapon, and a driver; you could have a few misfires before you locate the perfect loadout, resulting in a police chase. You’ll have a few alternatives for eluding the authorities while they’re on your trail. Unfortunately, the correct answer in these instances is a total toss-up, so go with your gut and cross your fingers. At the very least, you just need to be fortunate twice.

Emigrating may be done using the Activities tab or through official or back methods. Official routes have a price and a waiting time, but you won’t be troubled if your record is clean, while the back road puts you at danger of being detected. You may want to take care of the emigration first, just in case you get in trouble with the authorities and are unable to leave the country. When it comes to altering your name, you should reserve it for last since it is the simplest. Simply modify your name in the Identity tab to anything you like. It’s that simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to complete the cant catch me challenge BitLife?

A: You will need to complete the game with a score of at least 10,000. Similarly, you will also want to get an overall rank in BitLife that is anywhere from 11-25%.

How do you complete the 100 Challenge on BitLife?

A: You must add one new friend everyday, and you will get 1 extra life every day.

What are the requirements for the new BitLife challenge?

A: The requirements vary depending on which level of the challenge you are going for. For a general overview, though, it is recommended that players be at least above 4 ranks in their respective career before taking this offer.

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