How to complete the Bounds Testing Milestone in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition

The Bounds Testing Milestone in No Man’s Sky is one of the first tasks players can do to unlock new features for their game. It’s a pretty intense challenge that requires you to survive on an alien planet across multiple solar systems and should only be attempted by experienced explorers who are well-prepared with resources.

You’ll be ordered to meet Specialist Polo on the Space Anomaly after surviving your initial few seconds in the Leviathan Expedition, only to have to murder yourself in order to repair your Starship. Polo then gives three independent ‘Loop Research’ missions to retrieve Ancestral Memories, Liquid Sun, and Somnal Dust at the Bounds Testing Milestone. You only need to accomplish one to achieve the Milestone, but they all help the community meet its goals. However, since the Somnal Dust task necessitates a potentially dangerous voyage to a Derelict Freighter, that’s probably better left alone to begin with, leaving you with two alternatives.

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How to finish the Leviathan Expedition’s Ancestral Memories Loop Research

To collect the Ancestral Memories, all you have to do is feed some of the local wildlife, which might be the fastest and simplest choice if you’re fortunate enough to come across a herd of friendly animals. To obtain some food, you’ll need to manufacture (or purchase) some Creature Pellets, which may be made in a variety of ways, with Carbon being one of them. You may engage with them after they’ve been happily fed to obtain a few alternatives, including adopting them as a buddy, which can be a terrific way to transform a predator into a strong ally if you can entice them into a feast.

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For the sake of this assignment, you must choose ‘Harvest Ancestral Memories,’ which will remove 15 of them from your inventory. You’ll have to repeat this at least 14 times in total, but the good news is that you can reuse the same animal after a brief cooldown period, and having three or four animals to bounce about will help a lot. Once you’ve met your quota, you may return to Polo and finish the assignment.

How to finish the Leviathan Expedition’s Liquid Sun Loop Research

Repairing your spacecraft provides you with a Solar Ray improvement for your Multitool, which transforms metal deposits into this Liquid Sun element. This may be the more apparent one to take on. To install it, you’ll need 50x Cobalt and 50x Magnetised Ferrite (which can be refined from Pure Ferrite), and then all you have to do is locate a nearby metal source to mine, which is happily abundant on your beginning planet.

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You may use your Analysis Visor to search for potential spots or fly about looking for the distinctive yellow glow of a Copper deposit. Once you’ve arrived to the area, double-check that you’ve picked the Solar Ray instead of the Terrain Manipulator (the HUD will change to read Liquid Sun when you target the Copper) and begin mining. Be aware that the Solar Ray’s Sodium power source depletes rapidly, so make sure you have enough for at least a couple of recharges (at 50x Sodium each) to collect the entire 250 units of Liquid Sun that Polo need.

Return to Specialist Polo on the Space Anomaly to turn in your task, whatever option you choose. You may now receive your prizes by going to the newly-unlocked Milestone in the Expedition menu. These include a Hyperdrive and a slew of Warp Cells to power it up (plus an Emergency Broadcast Receiver if you still want to take on a Derelict Freighter), putting you in prime position for the next significant Milestone.

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