How to complete Center for Stage IV THV Study in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 is the sequel to Dying Light a first-person survival horror video game that released in January of 2017. This article provides instructions on how complete one of the tasks from the Center for Stage IV THV Study questline as seen in Dying Light2 Stay Human.

The “Center for Stage IV THV Study in dying light 2 Stay Human” is a quest that can be completed in the game Dying Light 2. This guide will help you complete the quest.

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you’ll have various opportunity to explore the many afflicted buildings. Many of these areas are more perilous than others, but they are also more rewarding. You’ll get the opportunity to tour the Center for Stage IV THV Study in the Houndfield neighborhood, which is located immediately close to the Cherry Windmill. You may find multiple Inhibitors within, earning tons of upgrade points and outfit goodies for Aiden. In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, this tutorial will show you how to accomplish the Center for Stage IV THV Study.

We suggest finishing the Cherry Windmill before starting this adventure. By doing so, you’ll get access to a safe zone in this region, where you may relax and get UV protection for your sickness. It is not, however, essential. You should also enter this building at night rather than during the day.

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You’ll need to check numerous stories, and there will be stairs and a door on the side of the building that will take you to all of them when you first arrive. Unfortunately, the side entrance leads to a section with ladders and closed doors. These doors, which go down the stairs, may be unlocked from the right side of each level. As a result, rather of using the stairs, you’ll want to make sure you open each door on the level to guarantee you have a clear path to the top.

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The Very First GRE Inhibitor

The The Very First GRE Inhibitor you can find will be on the third floor, downstairs from the entrance. You’ll need to wade your way through the horde of Infected, making your way through the lab. Unfortunately, the only available door is on the far side. It will be the only blue-lit door. How you choose to deal with the infected on this floor is up to you, but sneaking past them is an option if you can remain quiet, but if you make noise, you can expect to fight against many of them. We recommend pulling them into the entrance of this floor to fight them near the stairs, giving you a clear exit if you need it.

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GRE Inhibitor No. 2

This level will be the next section to the right of the chamber where you may go to the bottom floor. You have the option of taking the elevator or jumping down.

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The next GRE container is right below you and little deeper into the room after you reach the second level. There are some infected in the rooms that you should kill rather than try to sneak through. In the chemical chamber, to the right of the entry, there is a gas canister that you may use. Tossing this into the horde after luring enough infected to you would clean out the area rather quickly.

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After you’ve dealt with the infected, you may pick the lock on the GRE Inhibitor and take it. Unfortunately, the last one is located on the ground level.

GRE Inhibitor No. 3

The lowest level will be the most infested, and you’ll be facing a formidable infected there. Proceed downstairs to the remainder of the second level, where you’ll find just a few infected to fight, as well as a Demolisher. It’s a huge infected with a lump of cement in one arm. You may either face it head-on or attempt to slip behind it to the ground-floor GRE room. If you want to get away with it, we propose setting up a decoy and tossing it to one side of the room while picking the GRE door lock.

You can get the final GRE Inhibitor when you’ve picked the lock. On this level, there is a front door that leads to the exterior, completing the activity.

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