How to complete Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon is a first-person perspective point and click game set in the 1800s. It’s also pretty long, so it can be tough to complete without mistakes. To help out, we have compiled this guide on how to win Cauldron: Mu with little fuss!

The “cauldron locations horizon forbidden west” is a game that can be completed in horizon Forbidden West The first step to completing it is to find the cauldrons and kill the guardians.

Mu is likely to be the first Cauldron you see in horizon Forbidden West It may be found in No Man’s Land, to the right of the region’s main roadway. Cauldrons are locations where you may go to learn how to override new machines, but you’ll have to overcome difficult machinery and challenges to do so. This guide will show you how to finish Cauldron: Mu so you can go on to the next one.

Descend and silently assassinate machinery.

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You’ll need to ride a couple of wires down into the Cauldron’s core when you enter. You’ll see a few machines patrolling the area as you descend down. Take them out as quietly as possible, since they may make living tough in the Cauldron’s cramped quarters.

Create bridges by overriding interfaces.

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You’ll come across platforms where your road ahead seems to be blocked at times. You can interact with red override spots if you look for them. You can design wire bridges that open up a way ahead by overriding them. Keep a watch out for pathways to the left and right, since they always include goodies worth picking up.

Make bridges out of the mechanical arms.

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As you go further into the Cauldron, you’ll see massive mechanical arms fabricating different machine components. You may hop onto these arms’ hands and stroll along some of them to create a new route. Keep an eye out for vent flaps that you may grasp and climb up to proceed towards the finish of the Cauldron, since you’ll need to do this a lot.

To combat the Shell-Walker, use acid.

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A Shell-Walker patrols the trail leading to the Cauldron’s last chamber. You can sneak past it by utilizing steam from adjacent vents, but fighting it and claiming stuff from its container is more rewarding. The machine will be made to function quickly if acid is used. To obtain some added damage by pulling off sections, aim for its hands and the link holding its container.

Take a ride on the hovering machines in the forbidden west.

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You’ll need to climb up to a point in this Cauldron and leap onto the hovering machines that are moving pieces across the facility at two different places. To get to them, look for a route that leads uphill. Then hang on until you reach the electrical barrier, at which time you should let go to prevent injury.

Widemaws must be eliminated.

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There is one Widemaw seen in the Cauldron’s last chamber. It will descend down after you interact with the override point, and you will have to resist it. A second Widemaw will enter the fight shortly after you start fighting the first. To finish the Cauldron, you must beat both machines. When these robots do their vacuum attack, there is a weak area at the rear of their neck that you may target. To cause damage, you may also pull the containers apart on their backs.

Interact with the last override point after killing both Widemaws to unlock the ability to override Burrowers, Scroungers, Grazers, Scrappers, Fanghorns, and Widemaws. As soon as you exit the Cauldron, you’ll have the chance to overpower a Scrapper.

The “cauldron mu forbidden west walkthrough ” is a game that has been released for the PC. It was originally developed by the small indie developer, Funcom. The game is set in a fantasy world called Horizon. The player takes on the role of a witch named Cauldron and must complete missions to become more powerful.

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