How to complete Boudicca Tomb in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The “Boudicca Tomb” is a challenge in the form of an Easter Egg in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. The challenge requires players to complete Boudica’s tomb, which involves navigating through rooms and obstacles while enemies try to kill them along the way. Players have been trying for over two years with very little success due to numerous bugs that make this task near impossible. Ubisoft recently announced it would be releasing a bug fix update on May 20th, 2018 at 12am EST

The “ac valhalla vitus tomb location” is a puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The objective of the puzzle is to find the way to complete it.

Eivor must finish the Tombs of the Fallen, including the Boudicca Tomb. Poisonous gas, traps, riddles, and treasure are all present. We’ll show you how to finish the Boudicca Tomb so you may claim the secret riches within.

What is the location of Boudicca’s Tomb?

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Boudicca Tomb is located in East Anglia. It’s near a pointed rock northeast of Brisleah Farm. Synin may be used to trace the blue cone that appears in the Raven’s eyesight. To unlock the Tomb and begin exploring, you must interact with the Odin Rune on the rocks. A map of the Tomb may be seen below.

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As soon as you enter the Tomb, you’ll see traps. Once you reach the main room, the deadly gas will begin to appear, requiring you to step carefully.

The first podium is the first step.

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The first problem is straightforward. A wooden wall may be found to your left. Break through to a podium, which you can then pull across to the pressure plate on the other side.

The second podium is the second step.

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You must climb up one set of scaffolding on the other side of the chamber and blast through some wooden flooring. But don’t let your guard down. Instead, climb to the top of the next piece of scaffolding and spin the crank. This unlocks the gate below, allowing you to enter the hole created by the hardwood flooring and bring the podium out to its pressure plate.

Step 3: Toss the spherical into the air.

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Continue on and choose the left-hand route. On the next level up, there is a wooden wall that you may smash through. Pick up a sphere by going down the spiky tunnel and across the zip wire. The true test comes when you reach the next section. There’s an open space with a walkway lined with spike spears. You need to pass through a hole in the wall, but you won’t be able to climb up there once you’ve tossed the sphere through. To accomplish so, pull the boulder in a wooden brace around to the hole in the wall and jump through to the other podium on the other side.

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Drag the rock in a wooden brace across to the high hole in the wall on this side, which is the only route out. To go on top of the earth and hurl the sphere through, use the bottom edge that rises up. Then ascend to the top and work your way through yourself. On the other side, a route goes back to the main room, where the sphere may be placed. Returning over the zip wire is not an option. Because the riddles in the Tomb do not reset, this soft locked the game throughout our playing. If this occurs, load a previous autosave from the Tomb and you should be able to continue.

Step 4: The abysmal abysmal abysmal abys

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The last puzzle may be found on the other side of the room. You’ll need to rush through a hole in the wall to get the second sphere. This portion of the Tomb is simple to navigate; just follow the sphere until you reach the spot where two enormous wooden crates are suspended by rope.

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You must jump upon the box that is farthest away from you in order for it to sink and enable you to pass under the barrier. Once you’ve finished, go to the plate and deposit the sphere to unlock the chamber’s entrance. To go inside the Tomb, you must hurl all of the rocks off of the wooden platform, causing it to rise up and enabling you to leap over.

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You’ll encounter Boudicca within the Tomb. She’ll tell you about her conquests and how important she was. You can get the Fallen Hero Cape and Fallen Hero Greaves from the two chests in the same chamber after she’s done.

The “boudicca grave ” is a puzzle found in the Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. It can be completed by finding all of the objects that are hidden around the tomb.

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