How to Complete All Requests in Florio Nature Park Day

Nature Park is an awesome day game created by Naughty Dog. In this awesome game you will play a park ranger named Amy who is trying to complete all of the requests to finish the day. There are some tasks that are better than others and will give you a higher score at the end of the day. You will get a score from 0 to 3 on each task based on how good you did.

Florio Nature Park is a 3-star location in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It costs 50 Donuts and can be purchased for 50 Donuts. The location is a large park with many different areas. The park is based on Central Park in New York City. A combination of the real locations include the Bethesda Terrace, the Chess and Checkers House, the Mall, and Strawberry Fields. The entrance to the park is situated at coordinates (296, 0). To the left is a fountain with a bench near it. To the right is a statue of Abraham Lincoln. When the statue is tapped, a quote from Lincoln is shown. “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be

LenTalk Requests is the quest version of New Pokemon Snap, and it’s a fun way to make sure you’ve explored the area. We’re working hard on a way to handle all LenTalk requests so you don’t have to, and we’re starting with the Florio Nature Park in daylight. Here’s how to complete all the tasks of the day at Florio Nature Park in the new Pokemon Snap game.

By responding to these requests, you can earn free rewards, especially for photo enhancements like frames, stickers and search titles. It’s also a great way to get four-star poses for many of the Pokémon you can find in the area. In all our complete solutions, we assume that you are at the third level of exploration of the Florio Nature Park day. So if you haven’t reached that level yet, keep exploring until you do.

By the way, we have a complete guide to all the LenTalk requests in the New Pokemon Snap, as well as video tutorials on how to do them.

How to handle all applications in the Florio Natural Park Day

Dam, Sweet Dam

For the ladies, Sweet Dam, you will need to take an alternate route when you get to the dam. Just scan the terrain, choose another path and point the camera at the Bidoof dam. Throw the Fluffruit on it and wait for Bidoof’s head to pop up. Take a picture and everything will be fine.

Don’t be afraid!

When you reach the flower fields at the end of the area, activate the first Christabloom on your right. A couple from Comfy came by to check it out. Then throw lint at their feet. Take a picture of Comfey eating the fluffy fruit and striking a happy pose.

Fleet on water

Look for Dodrio in the area just before the dam. There should be one on the left. To do this, throw the Illumina Sphere at Dodrio and fire it as it bounces through the air and tries to take off.

Competition between them

Here’s a simple example. When you first enter a level, there is a Buffalant box on your right. Play a tune when you pass them and it will make some of them fight. Take a picture of their argument and you get the application.

Colourful hide and seek

Go to the end of the area with the flower fields. On the left, Pichu is hiding in a flower bed. Throw the fruit in this direction to make it jump. Take a picture of a jumping peach and that’s all you need for this game.

Color repeat

This point you complete also on the flower field at the end of the map. On the right you should see Florges hanging among the flowers. Keep watching him and waiting for him to start channeling the energy. Take a picture of Florges doing his thing and you get a four-star pose and answer request.

Myth Nature Park

When you reach the end of the map, near the flower fields, lure Peach from the left side with a fluffy fruit. Activate the rear Crystabloom on the right side of the path. Shaimin should run outside and go to the left side to talk to Pichu and Grooki. Take a picture of Shaimin smiling.


Go to the waterfalls and dam area and stay on the main trail. At this point, point the camera at the sky. A few Tylow fly over the area, and one of them stops in flight and stares at you for a moment. This is an excellent opportunity to photograph Taillow in flight and fill out the application.

One-handed gel

About halfway down the path, a dwarf animal lands in the middle of the path. Note the tall grass on the left. Gruki and Pichu are sleeping there, and you have to wake up Gruki as soon as possible. Start everything you have on Grookey and play a song. Keep watching him when he’s awake and walking around. At some point it will be on one hand, and that’s the moment you need to shoot. If Grookey wakes up too late, you won’t be able to see him.

Very well done

When you get to the burnt fruit at the beginning of the level, make sure you throw some soft fruit next to it. Emolga comes down and smells the fruit. Then he stops in midair and looks around for a moment. As soon as Emolga approaches the fruit, she hits it with a flash, and that’s the moment you need to capture with your camera.


You need a picture of a flying platypus. As you approach the pond with the Bidoof Dam, watch the sky because a platypus will fly over you. All you have to do is take a picture of the beak of a flying duck to make this picture.

Three friends among the flowers

Here’s another one you have to do towards the end of the level in the flower fields. Lure Peach from the left side with a fluffy fruit and wait for Grokey and Scorbunny to join you. You should take a picture of a smiling Skorbunya. Once you have shown the photo to the teacher, the application is complete.

How is Wurmple?

Take a picture of the flying Tylow at the dam – this will prepare them for a fight with Wurmps. On the next turn, Tylow and Wurmple collided on the left side. Throw an Illumina orb at Wurmple during combat and get an image of Wurmple on the counterattack.

Here is the description of how to complete all tasks in the Florio Nature Park Day game.

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