How to choose your Electric Skateboard

You want to buy your first electric skateboard and you have no idea which model to choose, it’s quite normal, there are a lot of skateboards out there and it’s very difficult to find your way around. We are here to help you, to show you the criteria to be taken into consideration and to advise you on the best electric skateboards.

On the street, we come across more and more electric machines of all kinds, such as electric skateboards, electric scooters or electric bicycles. There are many reasons for this success: it’s fast, non-polluting, you avoid traffic jams, you stay outdoors and it’s not tiring.

An electric skateboard is a useful object: it is used, for example, to get to work or school. It is also a very fun object to use on a daily basis or more occasionally. It is therefore a very good personal investment or a perfect gift.

Through our guide, we will advise you the best electric skateboard according to your expectations and your budget.

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The life of the skateboard will greatly depend on the quality of the finishes on the battery and motor.


The selection criteria

In order to choose the electric skateboard that will suit you best, you must first define the conditions in which you intend to use your board. Depending on your expectations, various features and the way the electrical part is protected must be considered.

The quality of construction: we look at the precision of the finishes and the materials used, on the one hand good materials will bring an optimal sliding comfort and on the other hand the life of your electric skateboard will greatly depend on the parts used.

The power: this is what will define the maximum speed of your electric skateboard, its acceleration capacity, but also the ease with which you will be able to cross hills, if on your course, there is a rise of more than 10°, a first price model will not really be adapted.

Autonomy: an essential criterion depending on the use you will make of your electric skateboard, on average, it is possible to travel between 10 and 30 km depending on the model, if you must, for example, travel 25 km per day, check the autonomy of the board you plan to buy.

Ergonomics: two elements, the comfort of use of your electric skateboard and the grip of the remote control

The price: it is a rather expensive equipment, but you can find it at any price, logically when the price of an electric skateboard increases, it is more powerful and above all you will be able to keep it longer.

In order to guide you as much as possible in your search, we have decided to select four models of electric skateboards that correspond to different uses and budgets.

The Top of the Top: Inboard M1

Guide meilleur skateboard électrique - Inboard M1

If you’re looking for the best electric skateboard, good news, you just found it. Actually this skateboard is not in the same category as its competitors. Of course this quality comes at a price and you will have to have a large budget to be able to afford this dream board.

The quality of construction is breathtaking, the materials are of high quality all the cuts are precise, it’s perfect. The big highlight of this electric skateboard is the perfect integration of the battery and motors directly into the board and the wheels, a real revolution from Inboard. The appearance is great, no risk of rubbing the battery against an obstacle on the road and the life is thus improved. A real gem of technology.

This board is equipped with LEDs in the front and back, an option that may seem trivial, but it is a real safety tool if you use your board at night, everyone will see you from far away.

The power of this board is excellent, you will be able to select different modes, each one has a different maximum speed to take the time to tame your board without any risk:

  • Beginner : 10 km/h max
  • Intermediate: 24 km/h max
  • Forward: 34 km/h max
  • Customized: 40 km/h max

The 1800 W motors are directly integrated into the wheels to optimize the speed transmission.

In terms of range, the Lithium-ion battery allows you to drive quietly for about fifteen kilometres at high speed, given the power deployed by the Inboard M1, that’s a very nice score. The battery can be removed and changed very easily at the touch of a button. The charging time is really excellent, from a flat battery to a full charge it takes only 1h30, this very fast charging time largely compensates for the slightly smaller battery than on other models. Note that once the battery is removed, it is quite possible to use this board like a classic skateboard, no system retains the wheels.

The grip and the wheels are of very good quality. Having the battery and the motor integrated gives a real feeling of freedom for your movements, it’s really appreciated. Gliding comfort is optimal.

The joystick control is really easy to use: you push a button to make the electric mode usable, then the joystick forward to accelerate and backward to brake. During the first uses, practice braking at low speeds, as the brakes are very efficient since they must be able to stop you at high speeds. At first the brakes may seem a bit dry, like on a Sports Car for example, but you quickly get used to it.

A smartphone application is also part of the game, it allows you to adjust the parameters of the skate, to check the battery charge level (very practical) or to drive using it instead of the supplied controller.

If you can afford it, this is simply the best electric skateboard, a great investment.

Best Value for Money: Benchwheel Dual B2

Guide meilleur skateboard électrique - Benchwheel Dual B2

The Benchwheel brand offers an electric skateboard of an amazing quality for a price that remains quite correct compared to its direct competitors.

The quality of construction is impeccable, the board is top quality, as are the wheels and the engine. Even if the drum kit is not integrated directly into the board, it still fits harmoniously and is not very annoying, a very good point. All electronics are thus well protected.

In terms of power, the two 1800 W motors allow a maximum speed of 34 km/h. This is really a very powerful electric skateboard with which you will be able to tackle an uphill without any worries.

Two modes are proposed, both keep the same maximum speed the difference is on the speed you will accelerate: the fast mode accelerates in a drier way, you already have to master the board, with the other mode the acceleration is more progressive.

The autonomy is 20 km, a very correct figure that allows you to use this board all day long and then come and plug it in at night.

This electric skateboard is very pleasant to use, not much to reproach. The control lever is very ergonomic and easy to use. A small bonus, the slight slit on the board makes it easier to carry.

This is an excellent electric skateboard, very powerful and pleasant to use, all for a price that remains very correct.

The Enduring: Yuneec E-go 2

Guide meilleur skateboard électrique - Yuneec E-go 2

The quality of construction of this electric skateboard is very good, however it remains a little behind the best models. You don’t feel the difference when using it, you have to look in details to note less precise hair finishes.

Power is the real weak point of this model, in fact, the maximum speed is 20 km/h. This is still acceptable, but compared to other models, there is a power deficit. If speed is your main objective, go on your way.

This brings us to the weighty argument of this electric skateboard: its breathtaking 30-km range. It’s exceptional and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to recharge your board often, this is the skateboard for you.

The E-go 2 is very pleasant to use, the board is good, as is the control stick that allows you to control its speed.

A skateboard that offers an interesting quality/price ratio, especially if you are more looking for autonomy than speed.

First Prize: Cool&Fun Electric Skateboarding

Guide meilleur skateboard électrique - Cool&Fun Skate Électrique

We might as well warn you right away, this electric skateboard is not in the same category as the other models presented in this guide, considering its very competitive price, it’s quite normal.

The quality of the finishes is not satisfactory and this is really regrettable, especially since a lot of mistakes seem to be easily avoidable. To start with, on the board we received the grip is not well cut on the edges.

The battery seems a little bit put there by chance: it slightly overlaps the slot that allows to carry the skateboard. It is a little far from the wheel where the motor is located, so you have to rely on a cable to connect these 2 parts. Over time, it seems more than likely that this area will be a source of problems.

The maximum speed is 15 km/h, it’s not really extraordinary, and the small hill we were riding on during our test seems to have pushed this skateboard into its entrenchments, not very reassuring.

For the autonomy, you get 12 km, this is usually enough if you recharge your skateboard every night, we would have preferred slightly more.

The glide remains quite pleasant and the joystick is easy to handle. We noticed some small connection problems, the skateboard slows down then before leaving again.

This is not a high quality electric skateboard, we recommend it only if you absolutely cannot invest in a more expensive model.

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