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How to choose a professional painting company for your home painting?

Are you looking for a professional painter to redo the painting of your home and you don’t know how to orientate yourself in the perfect choice? First of all, have you ever wondered what the average cost of the service offered by a professional painter is? Well, the prices depend on the size of the surface to be painted and the type of colour used. Obviously the larger the surface to be painted, the more the prices go up and vice versa the smaller it is and the more the cost decreases. In this guide you will find all the useful information and the right advice to choose the professional painter. So that you do not make any mistakes.

What requirements a good painter must have

When it is necessary to make use of the work of a painter there are some key factors that allow us to identify a competent, serious and trustworthy professional who knows how to perform a work in a professional manner. Therefore, when choosing a professional painter, it would be a good practice to inquire about the professional certificates, perhaps through the website of the professional or the company chosen, which obviously must be specialized in the type of work to be carried out. And, as per the budget is concerned, you can contact with the Malerkanonen professionals and ask for the affordable quote today.

Which painting to choose?

You can request the Company to use certain types of paint. The most common are water-based paint – a type of water-based dye generally white but which can be colour with special pigments, some may be breathable and therefore suitable for damp environments, or washable without running the risk of ruin the colour. The lime paint – it is a good natural colour for both internal and for external but it is not washable and can only be applied on concrete walls or tuff buildings. The enamel painting – it is a high quality product, it is washable and you can create many visual effects depending on the professional technique used. The tempera paint – this type of painting is very cheap but it can be used only for the internal walls because they tend to fade in case of rain or humidity.

How to choose the right painter?

Hiring a good painter is not at all an easy task, indeed. This is why you must choose the professional painter who belongs to the Company which has a stable reputation in the market. There are many painting-professionals or companies that “boast” their services at advantageous costs, fast work and of excellent quality. But, unfortunately this often does not correspond to the truth. So how can you avoid running into unprofessional painters? First of all, you need to establish the painting project you intend to carry out – knowing well the type of work you need to perform will allow professionals in the sector to give you exact information on the price of the work and the time needed.

Compare the different offers for painters

If you are looking for a painter, it is always a good practice to contact several professionals. For this you need to know the type of project you intend to carry out. In this way it will be easy for you to request estimates from multiple painters, identify the average cost of the labour market to carry out, and choose the better and more convenient painter. In any case, bear in mind that a reliable house painter must ask you to see the premises he will have to paint before making your estimate. Before you finalising the chosen professional, you can also contact to local professional painters.

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