To view videos and photos from your Android device on the big screen, start the Android screen on your TV or computer. Although some of these methods require your Android device to be compatible with Miracast, they are certainly not other options. So start casting and enjoy a much bigger screen while posting videos on YouTube, Netflix and more.

1. Cast chrome

How to Cast Your Android Screen on a TV

Google prefers that you use Chromecast for casting your Android screen. It’s an easy way to broadcast your screen even if your device is not compatible with Miracast. Your chromachas act as a bridge between your Android device and your TV. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection to connect your devices. Connect it to the HDMI terminal of your TV. Press the Chromecast button and select your device.

If you don’t want to invest in a chromatograph, you can build your own chromatograph with raspberry ppi.

2. Live streaming on smart TVs

This doesn’t work with all devices and you need a smart TV. The reason you need a smart TV is that the TV already has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, so a bridge device such as Chromecast is no longer needed.

For this to work, your Android device must also support Miracast. It’s a wireless standard built into many smart (not yet Apple) Android TVs, computers and devices that allow you to quickly create a mirror image and project your screen.

How to Cast Your Android Screen on a TV

Compatible applications for Android have a distribution icon. Press this button to pee directly on an existing device. Otherwise go to Settings -> Display -> Casting or Settings -> Connected Devices -> Sharing to your Android device. Select the device to start casting. You may need to leave the screen on while pouring.

If you haven’t seen training options yet, your Android device may not have this option. Your specific manufacturer may also have other settings. Check the manufacturer’s website for information about the casting or miracle device to find the location of the adjustment on your device.

3. Rocks

If you don’t want to use Chromecast, Roku works the same way. Connect your Roku device to the HDMI terminal on your TV. Configure Mirror Screen on Roku by going to Home -> Settings -> System -> Mirror Screen. Select how you want to make the connection.

How to Cast Your Android Screen on a TV

Then connect your Android device. You can connect in the same way as when connecting to a smart TV.

4. Connection via HDMI

If you prefer the old method, connect your Android screen to your TV or computer by connecting it directly to an HDMI cable. This works best if your Android device has a USB-C port. In this case you need an HDMI to USB C cable. Otherwise, you need to find an HDMI cable to connect your device, which is a difficult task.

Once the connection is established, select the HDMI input on your TV to display the Android screen. You may also need to select the type of connection on your Android device in the displayed application.

5. Amazon Fireworker

How to Cast Your Android Screen on a TV

Although Chromecast works a little better than Roku and Amazon Firestick, you can use Amazon Firestick to connect if you already have one. If you connect a TV, you can select a firewall on your Android device. You can cast like you’re sitting right on the smart TV.

6. Windows 10 Connection

Until now, most of these methods have focused on projecting the Android screen on television. However, you can also use Windows 10 PC. As long as you have an anniversary update, the Connect application is available.

How to Cast Your Android Screen on a TV

Go to the Start menu and go to Login. Select the Connection Application that appears. Use the same procedure on the Android device you use to connect to your smart TV. In most cases, you will need to close the settings window on your Android device before anything appears on your computer screen.

If you are using Linux, you can add an Android screen to the Linux desktop.

Please note that a slight delay may occur with each casting method. That’s good. The best connections are with Chromecast, Smart TVs and HDMI. If you plan to connect to DLNA devices, here are some of the best DLNA streaming apps for Android you should try.

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