How to buy Smithing Stone 1 & 2 in Elden Ring

How to buy Smithing Stone 1 & 2 in Elden Ring

How to buy Smithing Stone 1 & 2 in Elden Ring




Elden Ring is a popular action role-playing video game released in 2021 developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It's the latest installment of the Soulsborne series, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase several Smithing Stones throughout your adventures. But, how can you get Smithing Stones 1 & 2?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to buy Smithing Stone 1 & 2 in Elden Ring. We’ll also discuss what these stones offer and whether it’s worth buying them or not. Read on to find out more about acquiring that essential tool for crafting weapons in-game!

Finding Smithing Stones 1 & 2

Smithing Stones are important items to have in Elden Ring and can be used to repair broken weapons and upgrade your equipment. Finding Smithing Stones 1 & 2 can be tricky, but with the help of this guide you will be able to track down both stones and fully upgrade your weapons. Keep reading to find out more about where to find these stones.

Location of the Smithing Stones

If you’re looking for Smithing Stone 1 & 2 to upgrade your equipment in Elden Ring, you’ve come to the right place. Before we go into the locations where you can acquire these powerful upgrade items, let's give a quick overview of what they are and why they are so important.

Smithing Stones 1 & 2 are extremely powerful upgrade items that can be used to improve the levels of your equipment considerably. With them, you will be able to unlock additional resistances and effects on your weapons and armors. In order for up upgrades to occur, however, both stones must be collected before proceeding with an upgrade on any given equipment piece.

Fortunately, both stones can be found in various locations throughout the game world. For Smithing Stone 1, the item can be found by completing the side quest titled “The Blacksmith of Idwetter” in Hopt Peak. For Smithing Stone 2, it can be acquired by earning rank 7 fame with Afonathe at Kauye Bridge or by killing five Hailsweepers at The Spine.

Once you have located and collected both stones, you will then have access to a wide range of options when upgrading your equipment at various smithies located throughout Elden Ring. If done correctly, you will find yourself significantly stronger than before and better equipped for challenging enemies ahead!

Requirements for Purchasing the Smithing Stones

In order to purchase the Smithing Stones 1 & 2, you must have reached a specific level in Elden Ring. The required levels are Smithing Stone 1 at level 25 and Smithing Stone 2 after reaching level 50.

The Smithing Stones are obtained from two locations: a merchant in the Great Kanaloa Temple, and an old man in Brownsheim Town. For both stones, you will need to pay gold for them. The amount of gold varies depending on your character's level and progress.

When purchasing from the merchant, you will first need to complete a specific side quest that unlocks the ability to buy the stones. After completing the side quest, you can then move on to talking to the merchant directly. He will inform you of what is needed for each stone as well as their cost in gold. Make sure that you have enough gold in your inventory before attempting to purchase any of their wares.

At Brownsheim Town, the process is a bit more straightforward since it requires no quests or unlocking beforehand; All that is needed is 50 gold and then speaking with the old man near a furnace by a bonfire. Once spoken with him then he should provide both stones at this point if they haven't already been obtained prior already during your travels elsewhere throughout Elden Ring's world.

Crafting with Smithing Stones 1 & 2

Smithing Stones 1 & 2 are essential items for anyone looking to craft in Elden Ring. The stones are used to enhance and upgrade your character's equipment, and can be bought from various vendors in the game. In this guide, we'll go over the steps for purchasing Smithing Stones 1 & 2 so you can start crafting with them in no time.

Crafting Recipes

There are many different crafting recipes available when using Smithing Stones 1 and 2. The most common uses of these stones are to enhance weapons or armor. To craft a weapon or armor set, you will need the corresponding Smithing Stones 1 and 2, as well as other materials such as ingots, ores, or hides. Additionally, you will need specific tools depending on the item being enhanced. Some of the most commonly crafted items are listed below:

– Swords
– Spears
– Axes
– Bows
– Hammers
– Shields

– Helmets
– Greaves
– Chestplates
– Gauntlets

The quality of the crafted item depends on the material used and the skill level of the smith performing the enhancement. A highly skilled smith can create powerful equipment with a higher rating than one with low skill but using better materials. Additionally, specialized crafting recipes using either Smithing Stone 1 or 2 may be unlocked through successful battles in Elden Ring's levelling zones. Be sure to set aside some time to explore all of your options!

Crafting Materials

When crafting in Elden Ring, players need to acquire the right materials to create powerful weapons and armor. Smithing stones are special materials that you can use to craft better equipment.

Smithing stones come in two varieties: Smithing Stone 1 and Smithing Stone 2. To craft with either of these two stones, you'll need to collect several different materials on your travels across the lands of Elden Ring.

Smithing Stone 1 is primarily used for crafting advanced armor, tools, weapons, and other items in the game. This material can also be used as an ingredient for forging feathers using the Blacksmith at certain locations in the game world.

Smithing Stone 2 is primarily used for crafting advanced tools and weapons in the game. It is also used as an ingredient for creating some swords and other sharp weapons at particular locations in the game world.

There are a few ways you can get both types of smithing stones: defeated monsters will drop them randomly (including some of the boss fights), you can find them randomly scattered throughout various zones, or you can purchase them with currency from traders found throughout various zones. As such it's important to explore as many different areas so that you're sure not to miss out on any potentially lucrative opportunities!


In conclusion, Smithing Stones 1 & 2 can be bought by following the steps outlined above. To purchase these items you must complete the quest "Banner of the Fallen" and trade Greater Element Souls with the blacksmith in Firelink Shrine.

Once you have completed the quest and traded for Smithing Stones 1 & 2, you are now ready to upgrade your gear in Elden Ring. This upgrade system allows your equipment to reach rare and powerful heights of power when upgraded with the stones. While this might seem daunting at first, remember that completing quests doesn’t necessarily require good combat skills. It all depends on your strategy and what unlocks during a playthrough.

With that said, make sure you acquire as much Greater Element Souls in your playthrough as possible. Doing so will give you more options for trading at Firelink Shrine and ultimately getting more Smithing Stone 1 & 2 upgrades for your equipment. Good luck!

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