How to Build and Upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten

There is this new game I want to play called “Mauer der Toten” (translates to “Wall of the Dead”). It’s a German-language co-op survival game with zombie elements and it was published by the indie developer IndieStatik. The game was released in 2016 and its developers recently released a patch, version 1.4, which added new features and a new level to the game.

The Story of Klaus is a new interactive horror-adventure game, allowing you to experience a new take on the genre. The game focuses on a new character named Klaus, an active and smart teenager who likes to investigate mysteries. You play as Klaus, exploring the well-designed locations and solving puzzles.

latest Black Ops Cold War Zombies map is now available in the game thanks to the Season 4 Reloaded update. Wall of the Dead offers a brand new setting, set in the gritty and zombified streets of Berlin. In the underground part of the map you meet a strange robot. The robot is called Klaus and can help you destroy the zombies if you know how to activate it. Learn to build and upgrade Klaus in the Wall of the Dead.

Before diving into this guide, we recommend playing a few games in normal mode to familiarize yourself with the new Wall of the Dead map. Activate the energy by following the arrows and find the location of the Pack-A-Punch machine to navigate the map.

To build Klaus into the Wall of the Dead

To build and upgrade the robot Klaus at the Wall of Death, you must unlock the underground vault behind the energy room. Klaus looks like a robot sitting on a chair in the safe house. To activate Klaus, you need to put two missing parts in him: a battery and robot arms.

Where is the battery of Klaus?

Klaus’ battery is dropped by any undead zombie tank that appears on the tenth turn or more. When you have recovered the battery, install it in Klaus’ room in the underground part of the safe house.

Where are the arms of Klaus’s robot?

To find Klaus’ robotic arms, first activate the Pack-A-Punch machine, then install the Brain Rot mod on the weapon. With the Rotten Brain on your weapon, go to hotel room 305 and find the door with the wooden barricade on it. Use brain rot on the zombie to make him friendly and he will destroy the wooden planks.

Enter the room and take the robot arms from Officer Jack, who is lying dead on the bed. Go back to the area with Klaus and install the robot arms.

How to improve Klaus in Wall of the Dead

Klaus can be upgraded three times at a special upgrade station in the sewing factory. The following elements are required for each modernisation phase:

  • Level 1: Utensils for the microwave oven are required
  • Level 2: A cosmetic disc is required
  • Level 3: A cosmetic disc is required

Level 1 upgrade Klaus

To upgrade Klaus to level 1, you need to find a microwave dish and place it in the Klaus upgrade station. Once the grenade is placed in the upgrade station, spawn Klaus and make twenty to thirty kills in front of the upgrade station until the light turns green. Take Klaus to the upgrade station. He comes in and starts the upgrade process, which takes a minute. This is the time when the zombies appear, so be prepared. Klaus’ first upgrade gives him a level 1 Pack-a-Punch weapon.

Microwave station in the wall of the dead

You can dig up the microwave near the watchtowers near the Pack-A-Punch machine. Look for a small pile of scrap metal on the ground and near the metal fences. A pile of scrap appears as a pile of scrap that can be searched. Look into the hill with the interaction button to take the dish out of the microwave.

Klaus upgrade Level 2 and 3

To upgrade Klaus to levels 2 and 3, you must put two cosmetic discs into the upgrade station. With each additional level, Klaus gains more powerful weapons, more health and the ability to revive his teammates.

Dead cosmetic disc wall locations

Finally, you must find two cosmetic discs that can appear randomly in two of the six drawers. Here are six possible places to spawn the cosmic disk:

  1. Westberliner Straße, next door to Café Müller
  2. After the explosion, on the wall next to the bed.
  3. Maintenance tunnel, on the wall next to the electricity room.
  4. Ghost station, on the wall near the railroad tracks
  5. Hotel lounge, on the wall next to the Stamin-Up
  6. Flat on 5. Floor, on the wall next to the bookcase

In the control room of the switch, in the metal case, you can get a flashlight to help you with this part. Call Klaus at the safe to open it. Light a flashlight next to each metal box on the wall and look for Klaus’ badge. If you see the symbol, the metal box contains the cosmetic disc. This step is optional, but speeds up the process and avoids having to open all the cans hoping to find the disk.

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