How to become an Ambassador (IFS Officer) in India

you the one who wants to lead India’s foreign policy? Do you want to be part of the Indian executive? If so, you can become an IFS officer. The full uniform of the IFS is that of the Indian Foreign Service Officer. Candidates aspiring for this career must first participate in the Civil Services Examination organized by UPSC every year. To become an officer in the Indian Foreign Service, candidates must meet the requirements of the preliminary examination, the main examination and the interview. Once hired, the IFS employee enjoys many luxurious benefits and may also face unique challenges.

Who is an IFS officer?

The IFS officer is the Indian representative who shapes foreign policy and leads Indian missions. He is hired by the Government of India on the recommendation of the Union Public Relations Commission (USCRC).  The IFS station is specifically designed to systematize the collection of information and records both on and off campus.

Duties and responsibilities of the EWB officer

The main role and responsibility of the RFC officer is to

  • The IFS officer must manage and maintain diplomatic, commercial and cultural relations outside the country to which he/she is assigned as a negotiator.
  • He or she should be responsible for formulating and implementing policies between India and the country in which they are negotiating the agreement.
  • Representation of India at the international level in embassies, e.g. at the United Nations international organisations and high level commissions.
  • Work as a representative at the world conference level.
  • The role of an IFS officer is to protect the Indian economic system to which he is called.
  • He/she plays an important role in building and improving the new relationship between India and foreign countries.
  • The IFS officer is expected to shape and develop India’s foreign/foreign policy and improve diplomatic relations, legal matters, public relations, administration, regional groups, etc. outside the country.
  • An IFS officer has the right to be an MEA officer.

How to become an IFS officer in India?

Candidates can join the IFS after passing the three levels and must have fulfilled all the requirements we have listed below…..

  1. Nationality/Nationality :

Applicants must –

  • An Indian national or
  • The subject of Nepal or
  • The subject of Bhutan or
  • Moreover, a candidate who is a member of Tibetan community and who came to India with permanent residence before 1..10..2001 EN January 1962 can apply for IFS UPSC exam.
  • Candidates from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, East Africa, etc. who have come to India to become Indian citizens can also sit for the IFS UPSC exam.

University degree

  • Candidates must have passed their 10+2/equivalent in any course from a recognized board/institution.
  • Candidates must score at least 50% in the 10+2 category.

Age requirements:

There are also age requirements for a career in the Indian Foreign Service.

  • The minimum age is 21 years.
  • And the maximum age is 31.
  • The exemption limit for the SC/ST, OBC category is applicable.

The limit of relaxation:

  • The age limit for postgraduate students with disabilities (SC/ST) may be relaxed to 5 years.
  • The age limit for aspiring OBCs is a maximum of 3 years.
  • The age limit for redemption for candidates belonging to Jammu and Kashmir is less than 5 years.
  • The age limit for exemption for defence personnel is a maximum of 5 years.
  • The age limit for disabled, blind and orthopaedic patients is a maximum of 10 years.

Number of attempts for different categories :

  • General category – a candidate in this category is allowed a maximum of 7 attempts.
  • Scheduled Category, Scheduled Tribe – no restrictions for this category.
  • Another back class – a maximum of 9 attempts is allowed in this class.


To become an IFS employee, candidates must be qualified at all three levels.

  1. Preliminary investigation: Candidates can apply online through the official website of UPSC or offline. This is an objective type exam with multiple choice questions. Preliminary Forensics received two articles….
  • Document 1: Duration (2 hours): Total 200 points
  • Paper-2: Duration (2 hours): Total 200 points

Curriculum Paper 1

  1. Current events of national and international importance.
  2. History of India and the Indian national movement.
  3. Indian and World Geography: Physical, social and economic geography of India and the world.
  4. Indian politics and governance – constitution, political system, panchayat raj, government policies, legal issues and pending cases etc.
  5. Economic and social development : Sustainable Development poverty, inclusion, social sector initiatives and demography.
  6. General ecological, biodiversity and climate change issues
  7. General Science.

Syllabus test 2

  1. Understand
  2. Interpersonal skills, including communication skills, etc.
  3. Logical thinking and analytical ability
  4. Decision-making and problem-solving
  5. Overall mental performance
  6. Basic calculations (numbers and their ratios, orders of magnitude, etc.) (level 10), Data

Interpretation (graphs, charts, tables, data sufficiency (grade 10), etc.)

  1. Main test: Shortlisted candidates can proceed to the next stage, the main exam. This level is divided into 9 articles. The questions on this exam are candid in nature.

on paper А: 300 characters

Candidates must choose a language from those listed in Annex 8 of the Constitution to work with Document A.

on paper Б: 300 characters

For Test B, candidates must prepare in English (comprehension, usage and vocabulary, accurate writing).

Essay – 1: 250 characters (essay)

Assignment 2: 250 marks (General studies 1 – Indian heritage and culture, world and social history and geography)

Handout 3: 250 characters (General Studies 2 – Governance, Politics, Constitution, Social Justice and International Relations)

Handout 4: 250 characters (General Studies 3 – Technology, Economics, Biodiversity, Environment, Safety and Disaster Management)

Handout 5: 250 characters (General Studies 4 – Competence and integrity, ethics)

Document 6: 250 points (optional elements – document 1)

Paper-7 250 labels (optional – paper 2)

List of optional items :

Applicants should choose one of the following….

  1. Interview/final group discussion :

This is the final step to becoming an IFS officer. Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview with the selected panel. Candidates need to be more focused and aware of current world events. The expert team will also be assessed on the knowledge of the candidate. Candidates also need to demonstrate their personality and their ability to engage in the conversation.


After being selected for the UPSC entrance exam, the candidates attend a three-month training course at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Management Academy in Mussoorie. After successful completion of the course, candidates can apply to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) in New Delhi.

What skills and abilities are required to become an IFS employee?

Candidates who aspire to a career as an officer in the Indian Foreign Service must possess the following skills and abilities…..

  • Good communication skills
  • Patience
  • Legal skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Spirit of decision
  • Top quality
  • Excellent knowledge of current affairs and foreign countries
  • Research skills
  • The influence of language
  • A creative mind
  • Definition

Career of an IFS employee

Candidates may be appointed…

  1. Third Secretary (language training)
  2. second secretary
  3. first secretary
  4. Counselor (this position is created after 13 years of service).
  5. Minister (This position is created after 17 years of service).
  6. The last one is an ambassador.

The above position will be assigned according to the experience and rank of the sage.

Moreover, the rank in the IFS department when in India at the MEA headquarters….

  • Under State Secretary
  • Under State Secretary
  • Director
  • Sole Secretary
  • Additional Secretary
  • Secretary

IFS Employee salary:

The position of IFS is a prestigious position that offers a lucrative salary package to the IFS employee. After intensive training, IFSs are assigned to Indian embassies across the country.  The position and place of employment determine the IFS employee’s salary. These officers who are abroad receive an overseas allowance commensurate with their duties. The salary of the High Commissioner is about MS.1.2 lakh per month. On the other hand, the average salary for the junior level is about Rs. 1.2 lakh per month. And the salary for higher positions is about Rs. 1.5 lakhs per month.

The salary may depend on the position and the state in which they are employed. Salary increases with experience and skills.

Compensation for an Indian official in foreign service :

The benefits and salaries of IFS employees will be announced at the seventh Salary Commission. Some of them…

  • Home
  • Security
  • A car for commuting
  • Housing 2 or 3 BHK
  • Company car
  • Water management
  • Electric article
  • Education abroad offers their children
  • Free telephone service
  • Pension funds
  • Pension


Well, it’s a good career choice for Young People In this position, you can represent your country all over the world and deal with different issues. Over the past few years, the need for an IFS person has been increasing day by day. Advance your IFS career by choosing the right college or institution that can offer you many benefits. Since there are many vacancies, what you want to achieve depends on your knowledge and skills. So the candidates had to focus on improving their skills, working on their communication skills and making friends on behalf of the country. We all hope that this article will help you make the right decision.

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