How To Become A Medical Lab Technician in India

to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical lab technicians work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and independent laboratories. Medical lab technicians assist medical and health professionals by performing routine laboratory tests.

India is a country which always has a lot of new graduates and diploma holders. The unemployment rate is rising fast. Medical lab technicians are very much in demand here. If you’ve completed your 12th or diploma, you can start your career as a lab technician. There are a number of organizations who hold a walk-in interview for the post of medical lab technicians.

The laboratory technician works in a laboratory environment and performs many laboratory procedures, maintains laboratory equipment, and assists senior research staff. Their role can also be seen in many hospitals and diagnostic centers across the country. They are certainly an integral part of the medical industry in India. These technologists can also do a lot of research to develop new methods that benefit everyone. All these people are known for their great precision in every procedure they perform.

Medical laboratory technology also contributes to the diagnosis of many forms of disease. It works and complements medical science. Without medical laboratory technology, we might not even know about many forms of disease. It involves the analysis and proper examination of body substances, including tissue, blood and fluids. The main methods of this technology are sampling, sample analysis and supplementary reporting.

Nowadays, many students aspire to this field of work. Today we are going to talk about everything a person can and should have to become a lab technician in India. This time we will cover everything and help you learn every detail. We will discuss this below.

Skills required to be a good laboratory technician

To become a good lab technician in our country, you need to understand the importance of your role. You have to be very disciplined and meticulous to get the results you want when you enter the lab. It is necessary to have a broad knowledge of the operation of equipment in the laboratory. You must also demonstrate consistent accuracy, as you are expected to produce the most accurate test results possible. This requires stress management skills, strong analytical skills and the ability to meet deadlines. The work of a laboratory technician involves performing complex tasks. You have to learn all about living things. Once a diagnosis is made, other steps can easily be taken. So laboratory technologists, also known as lab technicians, help with everything that can go wrong in our bodies. Anyone who was interested in chemistry as a school subject can discover this subject for themselves. Moreover, there are many amazing aspects and career fields to choose from.

Ease of use:

You can fulfill your desire to become a laboratory technician in India by opting for a diploma course or a degree in medical laboratory technology. The qualifications are discussed below.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)

The MLT programme is a two-year programme. You can do it after you graduate from Grade 12. Choose the class. To apply for such a diploma, you must be in the 12th grade. The exam passes at least 50%. Many reputed institutions in India offer this type of degree, including Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and PDM University. However, at these prestigious universities, you must pass written exams and an interview to be admitted to these programs.

Below are the admission requirements for an LMD course.

  • Some colleges offer LMD courses after Grade 10. Course on. One such school is the famous Madras Christian College. Here, a minimum score of 50% is required for admission.
  • As mentioned earlier, other universities will help you choose a DMLT course if you have passed at least 45-50% in Grade 12. In addition, in grades 11 and 12, you have to… Choose topics for the first course: Physics, chemistry and biology.

Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma, also known as BMT.

BMLT stands for Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology. In India, it is known as the clinical laboratory technique. Like other undergraduate degrees in India, this degree is a three-year program. It can be easily acquired after high school I or II.

In this course you will learn to audit, gather information, document, work with equipment and write reports. Courses typically taught at this school include human physiology, human anatomy, microbiology, biochemistry, biomedical waste management, pathology, and clinical hematology.

  • Those interested in taking this course must have taken a 10+2 course and passed at least 50% of the grade 12 exam. In addition, the subjects they choose from Standards 11 and 12 must include biology, physics and chemistry. You can join reputed colleges like Madhav University, Mewar University and many others to continue your BMLT course.
  • In addition, the minimum age of the student must be 17 years. If your interim results have not yet been published, you can also register for this course.
  • There is no specific entrance exam for this program, but you may be required to take written exams and/or interviews.

Admission is based on merit and students may be asked to complete questionnaires from the university or college to which they wish to apply. Once the required documents are uploaded, the institute starts selecting the candidates based on their academic performance. Normally, the final list of selected participants is published on the Institute’s website or notice board. Once selected, you may be invited for an interview. If the institute is very well known, it may also ask you to take a written test. Once you have gone through all of this, you will be asked to pay the necessary fees and that will be the end of the appointment.

After completing a graduate program in medical laboratory technology, a student may enroll in graduate school. In this case, they may choose to specialize in microbiology, immunology, histotechnology, forensic medicine, phlebotomy, etc.

Many also opt for a six-month internship after graduation, where they can learn the ropes of the profession. An internship can also help you learn more about professional ethics and other requirements of the field. To take the CU course, you must have completed the twelfth grade. Take the exam at an accredited school. An MLT degree will definitely help you become a good lab technician in reputed and popular laboratories and hospitals across the country.


  • As for the tuition fee for the MLT diploma course, you will find good colleges ask you to pay a fee ranging from INR 20,000 to INR 25,000. Some universities also charge an average tuition fee of only 5000 INR. One such university is the famous Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU).
  • If you are pursuing a MLT (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology) course, the average cost of the course ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 3,00,000 depending on the university you choose.

That way, you know the exact amount if you decide to go to a particular college or university. We have described the general framework of the fees so that you can get an idea.


Some of the major places to hire lab technicians are hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, research centers, blood banks, diagnostic labs, etc. Once you graduate, you can go through the many job interviews that are held across the country to get the specific job you want. These positions include laboratory technologist, laboratory consultant, laboratory manager, outreach coordinator, laboratory manager, laboratory systems analyst, etc.

As you gain experience in a particular position, you may be promoted based on your performance. It will also help you get a raise. In just one year, you can understand everything and gain the practical knowledge you need to work in this field. So keep evaluating each situation to get the results you want.


Nowadays, courses to become a lab technician are becoming more and more popular. Moreover, career opportunities also increase after graduation. As a result, a person can expect a higher salary. The role of the lab technician can be very important. You will understand how things work and how to diagnose properly. You’ll like this section if you want to know what’s going on in the lab.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about lab technician course after 10th and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MLT salary in India?

MLT Salary in India is a very common question. A majority of aspirants who are looking to join a MLT course after 12th are curious about how much they will be making in the long run. While the initial salary is somewhat subjective, we can take an average MLT salary in India and come to an approximate figure. (This blog was a completely made up website and I had no idea what they actually do or where the domain was registered to) A MLT salary in India is really dependant upon a number of factors. The two major factors include the skills and expertise of the MLT and the nature of the work they do. There is no set MLT salary in India. However, there is a rough estimate of what a MLT in India can expect to make as salary.   The average salary of a MLT in India is estimated to be Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 6,000, however, the salary range varies amongst various MLT skills and experience levels.

What is the qualification of medical laboratory technician?

As a medical laboratory technician (MLT), you’ll work to analyze body fluids and tissues to determine if a patient has a specific disease or condition. You’ll perform tests under the supervision of a medical technologist or medical laboratory director and report the results to the doctor. Medical laboratory technicians collect samples from patients and other sources, perform tests on them, and analyze the results for signs of disease or other health problems. After taking courses and examinations, medical laboratory technicians can work as medical laboratory technicians.

Is MLT a good career in India?

In India, medical lab technicians are the backbone of healthcare and medical testing. The government’s healthcare system relies heavily on the lab services provided by medical lab technicians, and as a result, opportunities for careers abound. However, there are several considerations you should make before making this your career of choice. For example, you should make sure you have the necessary education and certification, since in India, you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher to qualify for many lab technician jobs. Are you looking for a new career path? The medical lab technician (MLT) job may be a good choice, especially if you live in India. As a MLT, you will have a lot of opportunities to work in many areas, including research, clinical and industrial laboratories. Unlike a lot of other careers, MLT jobs in India require little or no formal education. There are a number of MLT courses available in the country, and the job outlook is good, as the need for MLTs is expected to increase in the coming years.

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