How to beat Morgott, The Omen King in Elden Ring

The Elden Ring is an action-adventure game in which players take on the role of a modern day protagonist trapped inside a video game It’s up to you to save your character and escape from this hellish world that has become real, but how?

Morgott is the final boss of Elden Ring and he’s tough. He has a lot of health and can hit hard, but his weakness is fire. So if you have any fire skills or weapons, use them. Read more in detail here: elden ring morgott the Omen King weakness.

Morgott the Omen King, one of the necessary boss fights, is much more than he looks. He looks to stumble down several stairs in the sequence, but as soon as he reaches the arena, he removes the stone fastening his blade and lunges at you with surprising speed. Morgott is quick, strikes hard, and possesses a number of disconnected attacks that may confuse opponents. Here’s how to defeat Shardbearer Morgott if you’re having trouble.


If you don’t mind playing online, call in two pals to aid you in this battle. Melina, the Maiden, may be summoned at the boss gate at the top of the stairs, and unlike many NPC summons, she is quite useful in this fight. She can employ ranged holy strikes and avoid Morgott’s assaults well enough to withstand most of his attacks.

If you wish to take on Morgott on your own, we suggest employing a bulky Ash ally like the Ancestor Spirit Ashes or Kaidan Sellsword Ashes, both of which are quite simple to get and suitably tanky if invested in. Kaidan in particular will inflict a lot of damage, but if the monster hops away, Ancestor Spirit may switch to a bow. If none of those options is available, the tried-and-true Wolves may cause some havoc, but don’t expect them to remain on the field for long.

One more piece of preparation: at this time, you should have a +15 weapon of some type that benefits from your highest damaging stat, which should be 35 or above. For this battle, you need be at least level 65 — it may be cleared at a lower level, but chances are you won’t be able to take more than one hit before having to recover.

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The Fight

Morgott is divided into two stages. The initial phase is straightforward: he will jump about the arena, slashing you with his sword and conjuring holy weapons such as a short sword or hammer on occasion (much like the Godrick fight.) If you’re far enough away, he can also hurl three holy daggers at you, as well as summon a massive holy spear. In this phase, all of his strikes have enough wind-up, so dodge into him or to the side to escape damage.

Keep in mind that Morgott’s sword has a highly deceptive hitbox – even if you believe you’re far enough away or that his slashing pattern can’t hit you, it may still tag you if you’re not cautious. You’ll never have enough time in between his attack patterns to land more than two or three hits, so strike once or twice before fleeing or raising your shield.

Dropping spears on the ground around him is one of his most deadly attacks. It’s in a large area surrounding him at first, but after the initial wave, it fades into a cross pattern around him. These cross-spears will continue to fall for some seconds and might flinch you into another of Morgott’s assaults, so be careful not to roll into one by mistake.

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Phase two begins when he is at 55% health – he will reel in anguish, enabling you to get two or three hits in before erupting in poisonous waste geysers all around him. Throughout the battle, these geysers will occur at random intervals, and they are quite painful. Worse, if your poise isn’t high enough, they’ll flinch you, exposing you to another strike from Morgott. He’ll repeat the AoE geyser attack from time to time, so step away when you see him coil up.

The most important thing to know is that, like many other fast-paced boss battles, this one depends on attack memory and patterns. You’ll probably die a lot, but keep practicing your dodge timings and learning to hit once or twice before getting out – Morgott will fall soon enough, granting you 60,000 Runes and the Morgott’s Great Rune.

Morgott, The Omen King in Elden Ring is a boss in the game Elden Ring He has a very difficult pattern that can be hard to beat. One Reddit user has created an extensive guide on how to beat him. Reference: morgott the omen king reddit .

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