How to beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise Demo 2

is a popular monster in Rise of the Monster Hunters. He invokes the last ramp, an event that triggered an attack by local monsters on the village of Kamura and its inhabitants. In the Monster Hunter Rise 2 demo, players will get the rare chance to meet this creature before the game’s release on the 26th. March. This is an extreme hunt and we highly recommend that you are an experienced hunter or bring some friends to try and fight this monster. You only have 15 minutes to complete the hunt before you return to the village and the quest fails.

When you start your camp, you can click the right Nintendo button to get the location of Magnamalo. The red arrow shows you the direction to find it in your area.


The Magnamalo is an armored monster. He has many melee and grappling moves that we will cover, but his typical attacks revolve around hellish explosions. These are the purple flames that gather around the Magnamalo shooting at you. Both attacks can do a lot of damage to you, and during combat Magnamalo can also use them to jump you and cover the distance in no time.

They want to see when Magnamalo’s body is surrounded by hellfire. When this happens, you should target these body parts, as Magnamalo will take more damage from your attacks. Try to aim, if possible. It is also important to note that Magnamalo, when surrounded by his purple flames, will make a powerful attack on you, so it is important that his body is not covered in hellfire.

You must have Mizutsuna or Ratalos on your card before the fight. We recommend that Wyvern ride this creature and use it at the beginning of the fight, or at least at some point in the fight, to deprive Magnamalo of a good bit of health at the beginning of the fight. This should ease the burden. If you have more than one player in your group, you can catch them both.

Magnamalo’s attacks range from the ferocious punch he throws at you when he’s about to fall, to the hellfire he sends from his tail, to the repeated stomping on the ground as he comes at you. If you land a few punches against Magnamalo, you usually have to deflect or dodge with a bug to avoid the offensive attacks. There are several ways to get under the monster and dodge its attack, give it a few hard hits, and then get away unscathed.


We don’t expect many players to emerge victorious from this battle. Magnamalo can hit you once and pass out, so you have to go back to camp and try again. You only have three tries before the mission fails. The Magnamalo demo is meant to give players a chance to try out the battles before the main event and we came away wanting to know more.

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