How to beat Carnoccus in Gods Will Fall

are many gods to fight, the gods fall. Carnoccus is one of the best gods you can choose when you start the game. He’s a huge pig who prefers to run against you in the arena, giving you plenty of time to block your attack. While he is one of the easiest gods, this does not make him any less difficult, and some warriors can handle him better than others.

How to weaken Carnoccus

Before you fight Karnokk, you can find a way to reduce his health. You can do this by exploring the marker and looking for three stone pillars. These posts are not very large, but they are protected by one of Carnocca’s most powerful vassals. Once you have them out, move forward on the three bars and after a few turns they should fall off. Every time you shoot one of these posts, Karnokk gives a wild roar as he loses his health. Make sure you do that before you fight him for any advantage.

How to beat Karnock

When the fight with Karnokk begins, he will be on the other side of the arena. From that point on, you notice that he’s stalking you, trying to get to the other side of the arena. If you run into Karnokk, you have a chance to dodge and parry the attack. While the Carnoccus is not shot, stopped or damaged by this steam, it prevents you from suffering the damage of the attack. You can repeat this several times as Canoccus launches himself at you and traverses the arena three to five times before stopping. You can try to wait for these attacks or move to one side of the arena to parry a blow, dodge to shorten the distance between you two, and then attack. But you only have a few moves against him.

When Carnoccus stops, he comes to you and tries to lift his front legs and fall on you. We think you can parry this attack, and we’ve tried, but we’ve found we suffer the consequences more often than not. We thought it best to wait for Carnoccus to build up and avoid him as soon as we saw movement. We did better and we did more damage by dodging first and attacking later, without trying to parry. Karnokk did this several times during the fight before going around the map again. He also had a faster attack when he tried to headbutt, but I didn’t see him use it too often.

In our first and second fight against Karnokk, we had a warrior who used a spear. The overall range of the spear and the intense attack worked well for us because you are far from the target. We can also see a hero with a sword or an axe, standing with dignity against Karnokk. We don’t recommend using a two-handed axe or sledgehammer against it, but it might work better for those who know how to parry and dodge better than we do.

Be sure to visit these three pillars on the map before fighting Karnokk to weaken his health. As long as you can keep your distance from this god and dodge his attack, you can make one or two successful moves before he can prepare the next one.

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