How to Avoid Locking Your Android Device

You’ve set up a template, PIN or other type of password for Android that you’re sure to remember. Until you remember. It happens to everyone, but you certainly don’t want to be blocked by your Android device The best way to prevent this stool problem is to take a few precautions now. However, if it’s too late for that, you may still be able to go back without restarting your phone.

Start-up prevention

The first step is to prepare for the worst. Blocking your Android device can happen at any time, so don’t wait a year for your phone or tablet to back up.

Unfortunately, if you forget your password, you may have to restart the device and erase everything. In this case, you need an up-to-date backup of your photos, contacts, applications, settings and more. Set up a regular backup so you don’t have to worry so much when you lock yourself up.

We’ve created a guide to help you back up your device properly and we have other Android backup applications you might prefer.

The next step is to make sure you are using an unlocking method you can remember. For example, if you are using a design, draw it on a piece of paper and save it with the most important files or upload the design image to a dropbox or other online service. Call it something unnoticed. The same can be done with any other type of password. You can also use the password manager. Just remember the master password to access and install the password manager on another device, such as a computer.

Smart lockingAdjustment

Another precaution is the installation of Smart lock This gives you a secondary way of accessing the device. For example, if your model does not work, you can use a voice instead.

Go to Settings -> Screen lock and protection -> Smart lock. Depending on your Android operating system you may need to go to the secure lock settings and then to the smart lock. Choose a secondary method that may include your voice, location, other device, etc.

That’s what it looks like: Troubleshooting with trusted Smart Slot Locations on Android

Hardware for older Android devices

For older Android devices, simply reset your password. It only works with Android 4.4 and higher. Enter the password incorrectly until you see the forgetting pattern. Click here and enter your Google Account details. Now reset the password and save it.

Find my mobile phone by Samsung

How to lock your Samsung Android device

If you have a Samsung device, you can use the Samsung search for my mobile phone As long as you use your Samsung account on your phone, you can unlock it remotely with any browser. Find my cell phone on your computer. Log in to your Samsung account and select Unlock My Device. To work, the device must be connected to the Internet via mobile phone or Wi-Fi.

Try AfDB

Now it gets a little more complicated. It is well known that mobile devices are difficult to unlock if you have forgotten your password. This applies to both Android and iOS. However, there is a back door in Android if you have enabled debugging through your device’s settings.

How do you avoid getting stuck debugging Android?

Android Debug Bridge, also known as ADB, is mainly a tool for developers. If you use this method, be careful as you may enter wrong commands and delete things from your phone or render it unusable. If you have unlocked the development tools on your Android device, you will need to download the ADB to your computer, connect the device to your computer, and try to manually unlock the current Android lock code. We have a detailed manual for setting up the ADB, including activating the development tools on your device.

Follow the steps above, open a command prompt, and navigate to the ADB installation directory. Come on in:

adb rm /data/system/gesture.key-shell

and press the Enter key. When you restart the device, it must clear all current locks and allow you to reset the password.

However, it is possible that this may not work on new devices because Google is now encoding them. But it’s still worth a try.

Device reset

If the Google Find My Device feature is enabled on your phone, you can reset it remotely. It removes everything except the factory settings. If you have backups, you can restore everything. Sign in to search for my device on your computer or other Android device. Select the device and choose Remove Device.

To prevent Android from being blocked, you need to find my device

If not configured, you can restart manually. Press and hold the volume on/off buttons until the menu is displayed. Use the volume buttons to select the recovery mode and press the Power Button to select it. Keep the power and volume high until the Android menu Restore appears. Select Delete/Reset to the factory settings. Confirm your choice. Just sign in again with your Google account details, but your phone will be fully reset.

It’s no fun blocking your Android device, but don’t give up hope until you’ve tried every possible method to get back.

That’s what it looks like:

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