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How the Office cleaning can impact in work culture?

There are numerous factors that influence the work of the professionals of a company. The ambient temperature, the organization, the noise, the space, as well as the cleanliness and hygiene of the workplace influence the productivity of the employees. Hygiene refers to techniques and methods such as cleaning, conservation and care that when implemented, prevent disease. People spend hours at a time in the workplace, a single space can be divided among many professionals, so implementing hygiene and its methods in such places is essential. For more information, you can visit

Why cleaning is important?

A clean work environment also benefits the development, conduct and high performance of the company, as working in a place that promotes well – Being, employees feel motivated and perform their duties effectively.

Problems Caused by Unclean Work Environment

A poorly cleaned and hygienic workplace can cause problems for both business and professionals. Know more:

• Proliferation of infectious and degenerative diseases;

• Drop in the quality of life of employees;

• Minimization of productivity;

• Deterioration of equipment and materials;

• Decrease in motivation;

• Weakening of personal hygiene of professionals;

• Depreciation of goods / services;

• Feeling tired and discouraged among employees.

So that the work environment is always clean and hygienic, everyone must collaborate with its maintenance. This does not mean that every day the company must mobilize to perform cleaning and cleaning groups. The hygiene and tidiness of the space should be done daily, but through small actions that are able to influence the result as a whole.

The simple 5s method

In this sense, the 5s method is effective for maintaining the cleanliness and order of the work environment. It is the idea that all people who make up a company from the moment they strive to improve the work environment can assist in the development of the organization. The 5s consists of:

• 1st S – Sense of Use;

• 2nd S – Sense of Ordination;

• 3rd S – Sense of Cleanliness;

• 4th S – Sense of Standardization;

• 5th S – Sense of Self-discipline.

Note that the third sense is about cleanliness. In it, the act of cleaning must be part of the worker’s routine. That is, the professional must keep their sector clean, as well as help in the hygiene of common spaces such as discovering and eliminating dirt spots, avoiding polluting the company, preserving materials and equipment, etc.

Actions to keep the work environment clean

Other steps can be taken so that everyone can help with the organization’s tidiness and hygiene, such as:

• Keep company common areas free of items such as boxes, tools and unnecessary materials;

• Provide a suitable place to store these items;

• Do not eat at the work table, thus avoiding the proliferation of germs and insects;

• Do not accumulate trash and dirt on the work table;

• Clean furniture and equipment with suitable products.

Benefits of Workplace Cleaning

The cleaning, cleaning and hygiene of the company brings advantages for both the company and its professionals. Understand:

• Favours the quality of life and health of staff;

• Effectively takes advantage of the workplace;

• It generates credibility for the company among professionals, clients and the market as a whole;

• Promotes interpersonal relationships between employees;

• Facilitates the location of equipment and materials;

• Generates awareness and discipline;

• Minimizes work accidents;

• Reduces losses, waste and operating costs;

• Contributes to the environment;

• Assists in time optimization;

• Promotes creativity among teams;

• Maximizes high performance and results delivery.

Cleanliness of the work environment is often overlooked by employees, but if each professional becomes aware of the importance of such action and assists in the daily hygiene and organization of the company, extraordinary results such as health and quality of work will be achieved.


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