How I’ve been silenced for 4 times in 2 weeks


I’m talking about my experience with good Heroes of the Storm players, most likely Quick Match players, who will falsely report you just because they’re angry that you called them out for something, and that reporting system is always broken, and that’s appreciated by the players I gave as an earlier example.

So I’ve been quiet four times in two weeks. Yeah, you heard me. If you think it’s impossible, I’ll show you it is.

First penalty. I started playing with the team in chat because I realized that communication is useless in this game because there are players who are so frustrated that they can report you falsely. Where was I informed? Quick game. The silence has been lifted.

Second penalty. Always the team chat, not a word written anywhere, just ping, but the reports still count. Where was I informed? Quick game. The silence has been lifted.

Sentence three. I opened the team chat and started chatting to give the players a second chance. Big mistake. Where was I informed? Quick game. The silence has been lifted.

The fourth and final penalty. Always talking about teamwork. What do you think might happen? Quiet again. Where was I reported? Quick game. The silence has been lifted.

My conclusion: Try to avoid Quick Match when playing alone. Why did I play Quick Match? I have played characters that were not my main characters. I’m a mainstay in the Storm League, I play in the Diamond League, but I’ve played over 150 games. I decided to take a break from the rankings and give Quick Match a chance, but it left me with a bitter taste of the true toxicity of this community with players who think it’s toxic.

These are the cat notes I got when I appealed the sanction:

A reminder for players who like to twist statements just because someone has expressed an opinion about something:

Read carefully what is and what is not an ABUSE CHAT. Screenshot from Overwatch. The Guardian has the same report as Heroes of the Storm.

Misrepresentation is also against the rules.

As I said, I’ve played over 150 ranked games since the start of the new season, and I’ve talked to the players I’ve played with. No silence after all those games. I hope you can see the difference between Quick Match and Ranked Players. It’s not about the competitiveness of the games, it’s about the attitude of the players, of the people.

Thank you.

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