How Emojis Can Be Used To Flirt

Whenever we think of the word flirting, we mostly think of it as the actions that a person does in order to get the attention of the one that they are romantically interested in. A simple water emoji can already start a fiery conversation since it has been used to symbolize “hotness” these days or affection to another person, even though the water emoji was originally created to represent a drop of water.

The Double-Edged blade

Flirting is a double-edged blade. If it goes well, you get to impress the person you like, and you also get the opportunity to start building a relationship with them. But on the other hand, if you blow it, and make the other person feel uncomfortable. You might lose your chance of being with the one you like.

Because of this, flirting is considered by a lot of people to be terrifying. It can be pretty overwhelming to think about, especially when you know that there is a possibility of you getting rejected off by your crush, which leads to you getting embarrassed.

But now that we have progressed to a Digital Age wherein there is a stream of information shared every second and communication is instant. Flirting has become less scary, because there is one great tool that people can utilize in flirting, and it’s the emoji.

Emojis are small graphic images that are used to accurately represent a variety of human emotions. They are a useful tool in flirting because emojis add in a sense of expressiveness to a plain text message. Emojis can convey thoughts, emotions, and feelings, accurately. They can add the much-needed buzz that some words cannot provide.

Most of the time, when someone attempts to flirt with the one they like, they do it in person, and they have to muster up the bravery to talk to them face-to-face. But now you can just message someone through SMS or through a messaging application like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger These days, people just slide into the dm’s of the one they like.

Regardless of whatever platform you decide to use, make sure that you know how to utilize them fully. You should be as engaging as possible in order to get the attention of the one you like, so you should not be boring.

Fun with emojis

First off you need to find an interesting topic to talk to them about ahead of time before you start sending them a message. If you do that, it will make it easier for you to get their interest and hold their attention. And then when you do finally send them a message, don’t forget to include emojis like the wink emoji (?), or the smiley Face Emoji (?). These emojis are great to use because these particular emojis are good at conveying positive emotions to other people without being corny or cringy.


It is to be noted however that although there is a bunch of emojis that can be pretty helpful in dating, there are also one’s that you should be careful in using, like the blowing kiss face emoji (?), and the pointing finger + ok sign + splash emoji (???).

You should be cautious when using these types of emojis because they are pretty risky to use. Even though these types of emojis can be considered to be flirty, it sometimes comes off as a little too much. The downside of using these emojis is that if it fails, it will cost you dearly. You might give off the impression that you are a sleazy or insincere person. That is why you should be careful about using it.

In conclusion, emojis are a great tool to use in flirting if you use them properly.

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