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You might have heard that FFXIV has a new item available for purchase called the Adventure Basket. It’s an in-game cash shop item, but what exactly is it used for? This article will answer that and other questions you might have!

The “adventure basket ffxiv ” is a quest in Final Fantasy XIV It starts with an NPC named “Adventurer’s Basket”. The quest involves finding the Adventurer’s Basket, which will take you to the sewers of Limsa Lominsa.

Crafting is how one gets the Adventure Basket Minion. For the Weaver, it is a Level 90 one-star Master Craft. Although 2,924 is the suggested level of Craftsmanship, it has no stat prerequisites.

The Master Weaver VIII Book also contains the recipe for the Adventure Basket Minion.

At the following NPCs, Master Weaver VIII may be acquired for 400 White Crafters’ Scrips

  • X:14 Y:13 The Firmament’s Anna (Snowsoak Springs)
  • Diana (Sir Vaindreau’s Grace, The Firmament, X:10 Y:8)
  • The Crystarium – Musica Universalis Markets, X:10 Y:12, Mowen’s Merchant
  • Senana (X:28, Y:15, The Ruby Sea, Tamamizu)

Exchange of Scrip

  • Chakra Falls, Rhalgr’s Reach, X:10 Y:13
  • East Balshahn Bazaar, Radz-at-Han, X:12 Y:9
  • X:12 Y:11 Eulmore – Eulmore Aetheryte Plaza
  • Fogfens, Mor Dhona, X:22, Y:7
  • Idyllshire – Roundspot Freewalks X:6 Y:7
  • Ul’dah, Sapphire Avenue Exchange, Steps of Thal, X:14, Y:11
  • Searchers’ Meet at Old Sharlayan, X:5 Y:9
  • The Shaded Bower, Old Gridania, X:14 Y:9
  • Lower Decks of the Limsa Lominsa, West Hawkers’ Alley, X:6 Y:12

The actual scrips are obtained by sending in collectibles, either via daily requests or weekly custom deliveries.

The place where you turn in your Daily Craft Collectibles is Rowena’s House of Splendors.

The current Custom Delivery NPCs are as follows:

  • Allapoh Zhloe (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:7)
  • Adkiragh (X:6 Y:7)
  • (Rhalgr’s Reach, X:10 Y:12) M’naago
  • Kurenai (X:28 Y:15, Tamamizu, The Ruby Sea)
  • Kai-shirr (Eulmore, X:12 Y:12)
  • Ehll Tou (The Firmament, Foundation, X:14, Y:13)
  • Count Charlemend de Durendaire (The Firmament, Foundation, X:9, Y:8)

You can get all the White Scrips you need for your Master Recipe VIII by turning in two collectibles to these NPCs.

The Adventure Basket Minion is then yours; all you have to do is collect the Materials.


Make A Basket


Recipe Tree (Recipe Tree – Click for full-size)

All rights reserved. Square Enix CO., LTD.


It’s time to create your Minion now that you have the Master Weaver VIII Tome and a Level 90 Weaver.

It starts with preparing a sandwich, as it does with even the riskiest of journeys.

The Adventure Basket Minion’s recipe breakdown is as follows:

Tsai tou Vounou x 3 – Culinarian Level 89

  • Two Sideritis Leaves (Phylomithes Notos, Elpis, Level 90 Botanist, X:21, Y:24)
  • (Level 90 Miner – Elpis – Kallimelios Zephyros, X:14 Y:18) 2 x Ambrosial Water
  • 1 Cinnamon (North Shroud, Treespeak, Level 5 Botanist, X:6 Y:7)
  • Lemonette, Level 80 Botanist, Kholusia, Sharptongue Drip, X:20 Y:27
  • 1 x Palm Sugar – Culinarian Level 82
    • (Level 85 Botanist, Thavnair, The Great Work, X:17 Y:22) 6 x Palm Syrup


Three Philosopher’s Subs – Level 88 Culinarian

  • Dark Rye Flour, 1 cup
    • (Level 85 Botanist, Labyrinthos, Meryall Agronomics, X:28 Y:17) 6 Dark Rye
  • (Level 85 Botanist – Labyrinthos – Meryall Agronomics, X:28 Y:17) 2 x Iceberg Lettuce
  • 1 Northern Herring caught with Shrimp Ball bait at X:12 and Y:16 in Old Sharlayan, Scholar’s Harbor (Level 80 Fisher).
  • 1 x Elpis Egg (Elpis, Bird of, X:28, Y:24)
  • Rhea Tahram, Level 90 Botanist, Ultima Thule, 1 Alien Onion, X:15, Y:28
  • One cucumber is available in Liminal Station IV (Level 85 Botanist, Garlemald, X:5, Y:6).


Level 90 weaver, AR-Caean Velvet, three

  • (Ultima Thule – Rhea Tahra, X:15 Y:28) 5 x AR-Caean Cotton Boll


X:23 Y:19, Middle La Noscea, Summerford Farms, Straw x 3 – Level 15 Botanist


Player standing in a proper kitchen / FFXIVAll rights reserved. SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


You’re ready to load your Adventure Basket Minion now that you’ve made and collected everything in this area.

Happy picnicking!

The “philosopher’s sandwich ffxiv ” is a quest item in Final Fantasy XIV. It can be obtained from the NPC “Philosopher’s Sandwich”, which is located at the northern end of the bridge leading to The Keeper of the Lake.

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