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The Mist Silk is a consumable item that can be purchased by players in Final Fantasy XIV The process for obtaining the item seems simple, but there are actually many hidden steps and some unexpected complications along the way.

The “unhidden leather map” is a treasure map in the game Final Fantasy XIV. It can be purchased from the Adventurer’s Guild for 50,000 gil. The map will lead players to a hidden area on the Eastern La Noscea.

Mist silk may be found in coffers found in the treasure hunting feature of Final Fantasy XIV There are many various treasure maps to choose from, but for mist silk, you’ll need either the boarskin treasure maps or the leather hidden treasure maps.

Mist silk can be obtained by desynthesizing Crescent Moon equipment, but you’ll need the silk to make them in the first place.

As a result, treasure hunting is your only genuine option for growing mist silk.


The Treasure Hunt System’s Unlocking


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To begin treasure hunting, you must first finish the “Treasures and Tribulations” blue-marked side quest

This quest is delivered by H’loonh in Eastern La Noscea and requires you to be at least level 36 in any class (X:21, Y:21).

This is a very normal task that needs you to go to a specified location, check about, and eliminate any potential dangers before reporting back to an NPC.

After you’ve dealt with everything and turned in the task, the NPC will reward you with the actions “Decipher” and “Dig,” which are two crucial talents to have while going on a treasure hunt.


What is the Process of Treasure Hunting?


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You’ll need a timeworn treasure map after you’ve gathered the appropriate actions for treasure seeking.

Disciples of the Land may find these maps at collecting nodes with a level of 40 or above.

It’s worth noting that after you’ve obtained one of these timeworn maps via collecting, you won’t be able to get another one for 18 hours. This is real-world Earth time, not Eorzean time.

Without the 18-hour curfew, you can acquire timeworn maps from the market board, although they may be fairly expensive depending on your server’s economy.

Keep in mind that you can only have one of each sort of timeworn map in your inventory at a time, so you’ll need to utilize one before purchasing another of the same type.

Simply use the “Decipher” action on your map after you’re finished.

When you do this, a window will appear with the name of the zone and a tiny area of its map highlighted with a red “X.” Now you must visit that zone and search for the indicated region in the window.

It’s time to apply the second action you learned from unlocking treasure hunts – “Dig” – if you feel like you’re in the right spot for that prize.

The chest will spawn and you’ll hear an audio cue if you’re in the appropriate position.

After clicking on the treasure chest, a swarm of monsters will appear in waves, which must be destroyed before the chest’s contents can be claimed. Treasure box symbols will appear over the heads of creatures who are participating in the treasure hunt.


Where Can You Find Mist Silk?


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Timeworn boarskin maps, as previously stated, are the ones that spawn chests with a possibility of carrying mist silk.

When you read these maps, you’ll find a place outside of the three main cities in any zone from A Realm Reborn.

The creatures that spawn when you discover the right position for the treasure will be level 50.

With a level 50 Disciple of War or Magic and a complete set of Augmented Ironworks armor, this should be easy to solo.

There’s a possibility the chest will also contain an Unhidden Leather Map after you’ve dealt with the mobs and opened it. This is another another treasure map that can be decoded for a second chance for additional mist silk (and other treasures).

The unhidden leather maps, like the boarskin maps, will guide you to ARR zones and spawn level 50 enemies.


What is the purpose of Mist Silk?


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The Crescent Moon equipment set is made out of mist silk.

These are items with an item level of one, and they’re mostly utilized as glamour items.

They’re made from master recipes by level 50 weavers.

There are five things in the set, albeit two of them are headpieces, and they each sell for about 350,000 gil on my server.

You may sell your mist silk straight on the market board if your weaver isn’t leveled. They presently retail for 316,000 gil each on my server.

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