Gmail account creation tutorial

Gmail account creation tutorial

Written on 11/11/2019


How do I create a free Gmail address?


Gmail is linked to a Google Account

To create a Gmail email account, you must have a Google Account :

  • If you already have with a Googleaccount, simply sign in to Gmail with your Google Account username and password. Click here to login.
  • Otherwise, you have to create a Googleaccount, which allows you to create a Gmail account at the same time. Follow the steps below.

Why open a Google / Gmail account?

Creating a Gmail account actually allows you to use many Google products, including Google Docs, Google Drive cloud storage, Youtube videos, Google Maps directions, and of course your smartphone or tablet if it’s on Android.

And then Gmail is a very good email, very convenient, with huge online storage.

How to create a personalized Gmail email address in 2 minutes

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the fields: first name, last name, username and password and go to the next step.
  3. Enter your phone number to receive an activation code (by SMS or voice call)
  4. Indicate the code received
  5. Once validated, you arrive at a screen where it is possible to :
    • Remove the phone number you specified (if you don’t want it to remain associated with your Google Account).
    • provide a recovery email address (useful for securing your account)
    • to indicate your date of birth (day, month, year): this is mandatory
    • to indicate your gender: it is mandatory to choose, but you can indicate “unspecified”.
  6. The final step is to approve the “Privacy Policy and Terms of Use”.

✅ It’s done! Small summary in 2 pictures…

1️⃣ The 1st step is to create your Google account, and don’t forget to choose your Gmail address.

❓Le did you know? The Gmail account is optional in a Google Account, you can click ‘use my current email address instead’. Here it’s not the point, otherwise you won’t have a Gmail address…

How to create a Gmail address: step 1

2️⃣ Then Google asks you for a phone number to send you a code :

Gmail Signup Tips

Choosing the username for the mailbox

Think carefully if you wish to remain anonymous (using a nickname) or on the contrary to put forward your identity. In the latter case, try the format firstname.lastname even though it is likely to be already in use…

It is useless to try to add a point, or to remove it: it is ignored, in order to protect the 1st created account. For example, if the address [email protected] already exists, then Google considers that [email protected] (without the dot) also exists and that it is the same Gmail box.

If Google indicates that the address is already taken, try adding a word that is associated with you, it will help you find a free address without having to add a lot of numbers.

Second address in the same account, or disposable/temporary Gmail address

The following trick is not that well known, yet it is very practical!

You can create as many subaddresses as you want, in the same Gmail account, without having to configure anything anywhere. Just use the + sign which is used for to make an alias.

If your Gmail address is [email protected] then you can give the address to whoever you want, you will receive the mails.

You can create as many aliases as you want. For each child, each activity, each event, etc.. Even disposable!

Even better, you can create filters in Gmail to automatically sort mail by alias.

The phone number associated with the Gmail account

As you’ve noticed, Google requires a phone number to finalize the creation of your account.

  • it’s good because it allows to secure the account, especially with the 2-factor authentication
  • but it’s not so good if you want to keep a low profile and not give everything to Google…

A trick is to provide a number during the registration phase, but after entering the code received by SMS, you can delete the phone number before finalizing the account creation.

This number can be someone else’s, or even your own but which you will then delete.

Tip: There are far more advantages than disadvantages to giving your real number. The consequences of hacking into your Gmail inbox are often serious. You might as well use every possible means to protect your account, especially since it’s not just about Gmail, but about all the Google services you’ll use.

Connecting to Gmail

To connect to your email account, follow these instructions depending on the type of device you are using.

How to connect by computer

On computer, go to then enter your Gmail email address and password. If this is not enough, click here to login. Then you will arrive in your Gmail inbox.

How to connect to phone or tablet

On Android and iOS (iPhone or iPad), open the Gmail application and see which Google account it opens with. If it is not the right one, click on your profile picture and then on “Add another account”.

See also: how to completely delete a Gmail account

Other Google Account email addresses

A Google Account consists of :

  • Google Account email address: cannot be changed
  • Recovery email address: optional, it helps increase security. This is where Google will contact you if there is unusual activity on your account or if you have problems accessing your account. Click here to set your recovery email address.
  • Contact email address: Google will send you information about most of the products you use with this account. It doesn’t have to be a Gmail address. Click here to find your contact address or add a new one.
  • Secondary email addresses: These are email addresses that you can use to log into your account, in addition to the primary address. They can also be used to reach you if you lose access to your account. Click here to view them or add a secondary address.
  • “About me” profile email addresses: Addresses that you can share with other people in different Google products such as Drive or Photos.

Questions and Answers

How do I create a Gmail account without a phone number?

Don’t believe what the tutorials say about this, they are not up to date: it is now mandatory to indicate a phone number. But read this trick that can help you out.

️ How do I create a temporary or disposable Gmail address?

Once you have a gmail address, you can add the + sign and the word of your choice behind it to create another address. Read here how to do it concretely.

How do I open a free Gmail account?

Follow this tutorial by choosing the account type carefully at the beginning. Choose “Create an account for me” and not “Create an account to manage my business”.

@ What is the format of the Gmail username?

You need between 6 and 30 characters, consisting of letters, numbers or a period, knowing that in fact the period is ignored.

Can we have a mail on instead of

No this is not possible, the only extension used for Gmail accounts is (or

What if the username is already in use?

If the name you specified is not available, you must add variants to distinguish yourself from the one taken. Add an original word or otherwise a series of numbers.

?️ How do I change my first name or Gmail account name?

Fill out the form located here.

Where can I get help connecting to my Gmail inbox?

See Google’s help for connecting on your computer, Android, or iOS.

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