The number of users on Instagram is growing rapidly with over a billion active users as of now. With such a vast audience available on Instagram, there is scope for everyone to grow on Instagram. Whether you need to increase your followers to impress your friends or make your business widely known you need a lot of active Instagram followers.

Here are some tips on how to get active Instagram followers.

1. Keep your account public

The need to send a follow request and wait for some time to be able to see your content puts off many users. Many users will simply follow you if they liked a photo of you, but if your account is private, they simply won’t be able to see it.

2. Follow other users and brands

If you want to get real people to follow you, you too have to go out there and follow some real people. The strategy to follow different people may vary. You can choose a niche or industry related to your profile and follow people of similar interests. You should also keep unfollowing some of the users after some time you follow them. Otherwise, you will have a large number of following users which will not look good on your profile.

3. Be different from others

The content you provide to your followers on Instagram should be unique. The users should not see your posts and think that they have seen these posts somewhere. Stand out from the crowd by posting high-quality photos using a better camera and image editing software. Try to create content that is not already available on Instagram and will be useful for the users.

4. Using hashtags, mentions, locations

This is the best way to expand your reach to new and active followers. Use hashtags on every photo you post. Use hashtags related to your niche or to the current photo you are posting. Add location to your posts so that users of that location find your content easily. Mention people or brands whenever you can on your posts if it is related to them somehow. You can easily buy active Instagram followers at reasonable rate from InternetMarketingRocks, they do extensive research on hastags and help you gain more followers on Instagram.

5. Engage with your community

Try to engage as much as possible within your community. Find people of your niche and give them some likes and comments on their posts. This will encourage people to interact with you. When you do this, those people and their followers too will come to your profile to check you out and if they like what they see, you are going to get a whole lot of new and active followers. Engage with your current audience too. You can give replies to their comments or share their content on your stories if you like it.

6. Partner with fellow Instagrammers

Do a collaboration post on your Instagram with some other Instagrammer. People love when two influencers or brands do a collab. Find people who might be interested in your content and in collaborating with you. This does wonder as audience of both the persons are excited to these posts and you will receive higher engagement with some new followers too.

Apart from these tips, you can always go back to basics and use Instagram Ads to target new users to get them to follow you. You can also use the services available on the Internet which sells you active Instagram followers.