Horror Icons Fight Cannibals in an Apocalyptic Funhouse

We’ve sent a brand new trailer for Impact Event by the guys from Wild Eye Releasing. Given that Hollywood is largely closed, there is currently a relatively limited number of films on the program and nothing seems to stop the train of low-budget horror films. In this case we have the last shot of Director B. Luciano Barsulia, with the cast led by horror icon Michael Berriman.

The trailer starts with a panic that spreads all over the world as the object moves towards the earth and is about to collide with our planet. The results will be catastrophic and, as you can imagine, people around the world don’t take the news very well. It gets a little strange when you see people trying to escape from the madness of an old attraction in an amusement park. The tension rises and there is an implicit number of corpses, with a pendant ending in a line: Has the end of the world made us serial killers? In any case, this is a unique perspective on the concept of a film about the fear of comets.

B. Luciano Barsulla is a writer and director. Past achievements include Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 2017 and Zombie Farm 2007. Barsulia is also involved in an upcoming project called Social Distance, which seems to be inspired by the current situation in which the world finds itself. You don’t waste time making a profit. Michael Berriman, who knows the horror fans of The Hills Have Eyes and The Devil’s Rejects, leads the cast. Vernon Wells, known as Road Warrior, is also aboard. Margaret O’Brien (Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!) and Richard Griko (If Looks Like Kill, Masters) finish the set.

The shock wave comes after a meteorite has caused a global apocalypse. A small group of survivors hide from recreation in an abandoned house and must defend themselves against a gang of murderers. In the past there have been many films about meteorites on earth. In 1998 there was a notorious box office battle when Deep Impact and Armageddon hit the theaters in a month and Michael Bay’s record won the battle. But in none of these movies were there cannibals in the arcade, so there’s this.

With the trailer a new poster for the film has been released. This may not be relevant for a low-budget case like this, but it is interesting to note that it was already listed as completed in 2018. Therefore, for some reason, it took some time before a publication was made. Anyway, he’ll be here very soon for those looking to see something while they’re locked in their homes. The event takes place on the 7th. April since the release of Wild Eye Releasing on DVD and VOD Don’t forget to watch the new trailer.

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