Honeyminer Review 2020: Best Cryptocurrency Mining Program?

Honeyminer Review 2020: Best Cryptocurrency Mining Program?

In today’s world, although in some cases still profitable, mining requires better planning and execution to squeeze out every last bit of potential profit to achieve that return on investment goal. In this context, mining networks, which act as intermediaries between the miner and the mining block, are becoming increasingly popular.

One of the most popular features is an automatic currency that allows you to automatically convert your profits into a popular currency, such as BTC (to increase profitability). That’s why services like Honeyminer are ideal for miners who want to maximize their profits while saving time.

In this overview of the Honeyminerwe will examine some of the basic features and benefits of this service and compare its capabilities with other established services such as Nicehash. In addition, we will examine the most important characteristics and create a pre-contrast graph to better identify the differences.

What is Hanimainer?

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Honeyminer is the software that a miner installs on his mining equipment, connects to the Honeyminer network and divides the total production of the mine into different parts according to profitability. However, all payments to the minor are made with Bitcoin (BTC).

Does that sound easy to you? That’s true, but it can be difficult to operate these coin changers by hand, especially if you have multiple control units. So, to make it even easier: Honeycomb is installed on an oil rig, produces the most cost effective cryptographic match currently available and automatically switches to other cryptographic matches as required, and all revenues are converted to BTC and paid to the miner.

Honeyminer is based in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, and is designed to facilitate everyone’s daily and promotional activities. 

Is the Hanimainer safe?

Malware is a real threat, and we must not forget fraud. Since this software needs to be installed locally on your computer, you may have concerns, but you can be sure that Honeyminer has solved most of them in the FAQ section. 

chemically safe

As regards the safety of assets and networks, the security measures taken by Honeyminer at the time of this review are in line with the standards in force.

Moreover, given the frequency of payments, it would be very difficult to deprive you of your strength in the mining industry without realising it. However, always check your numbers and if something is wrong, you can always stop and ask them to take care of it or refuse to use the service.

Having a head office in the United States also gives extra confidence, as Crypto’s facilities in the United States are now well documented.

How does the manicure work?

As already mentioned in this Honeymainer report, the production start-up process is quite simple and clear. Your UI/UX website is quite simple and user friendly.

  •  You can download Honeyminer from their website https://honeyminer.com.
  •  Once you have installed and created an account, this presentation will appear. Note: it explains the functions of Honeyminer and guides you through them.

Mineral properties

  • Honeyminer will list your CPU and GPU and immediately start disconnecting, just go to the Settings menu in the upper right corner.
  • Don’t forget to set your payment address and check your settings if you want to change anything.

At the time of writing, only Windows and Mac are supported by Honeyminer, but I’m afraid not, the Linux version is under development. Unfortunately there is no ASIC support available and it is not mentioned that this will happen soon.

Advantages and disadvantages of car exchange payments

Many miners are interested in HODL (long-term storage of your belongings) and find it desirable to keep as many different spaces as possible. But there are too many other pieces, only the most common (bit pieces or ethereal pieces) are worth their time.

When producing different types of parts, especially when using multiple drills, it is necessary to track payments and sometimes even different exchange and address details. This can end up in the mud, and there have been cases where forgotten coins have been found in a long, unused wallet (fortunately if its value increases).

Enter automatic exchange payments, as the name indicates that Honeyminer automatically exchanges coins based on recipes, but converts all winnings to Bitcoins (BTC). Simply put, all payments are processed in Bitcoins (BTC).


  • Honey miner always selects the most profitable part for mining and processes all payments at Bitcoin, making profit management simple and easy.
  • The management and calculation of profits is easier and better organised.
  • Traditional coins have more and better storage facilities (including cold portfolios, reliable third-party systems).


  • It is impossible to keep different parts.
  • Sometimes the car sale can end at an unfavourable rate.
  • The accumulation of all profits in a single portfolio can be a secondary obligation.

Since there is almost everything in the world of Crypto, your needs vary and the decision whether or not a position is right for you is entirely up to you. But we hope this Honeymainer study has helped solve the problem.

Haneyner vs. Nikehash

Nicehash is a fairly well-known platform that the miners use to focus their efforts on a simpler and more comprehensive platform. Just like Honeymainer, Nikehash also plays a mediating role, but there are some differences.




Exchange of parts

No, all assets are paid in BTC and cannot be traded within the platform.

Yes, payments are made in BTC and can be exchanged for other currencies.

Automatic switch for removing workpieces

Yes, Heinemainer will always turn to the most profitable.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Khashrat Pension

Yes, the service is called Nice Hotel.

Yeah, it’s one of the oldest rental services out there.

ASIC support

Not as long as Honeyminer only works with the CPU and graphics processor on Windows and Mac.

Yes, Nicehash supports almost all available extraction options.

Support for the use of multiple drilling rigs

Yes, I do.

Yes, I do.

Numerous software options for the mining industry

No, Honeyminer only works with your Windows or Mac applications.

Yes, Nicehash can be configured to work with your own application, a bootable USB or your own mining software.

It should also be mentioned that Nikehash works differently. Honeyminer connects you directly to the block of each room, while Nicechash always rents your hashish to other miners and offers you variable rates depending on the profitability of the room and the rental price.

This does not always mean better, but Nicehash offers many options that are currently not available in Honeyminer, but many miners prefer a simpler and more simple approach.

Honey producer’s report

The Manipulator is a simple but powerful tool that supports the organisation and centralisation of mining efforts. Small, medium and even large companies can benefit from Honeyminer’s simple approach to mining and the automatic conversion of profits into bitcoins. The founders and engineers of Honeyminer, a company based in the United States, have a wealth of experience and an excellent team of consultants to help them build confidence in their business. 

If you want to exchange your hard-earned Bitcoins (BTCs), you’ll have to transfer them to the exchange in a cumbersome way, as Honeyminer doesn’t offer any possibilities to do so. In addition, all payments are processed exclusively by Bitcoins (BTC) and no other options are available.

CPU and GPU support (single and multiple on the same installation) and the ability to connect multiple installations to the same account at minimal cost. Unfortunately, the only users who have no choice but to pass on this functionality are the ASIC users. Honeyminer currently offers no support to these users and has no plans to do so in the near future.

Using Honeyminer is extremely easy, and although other features already available in other versions, such as Nicehash, do not yet need to be released, their user interface/UX is reliable and promising. In addition, Honeyminer slows down and tends to create a sense of community that rewards the most loyal users.

Whether you want to perform a simple but efficient mining operation with your PC alone or a large mining operation, Honeyminer is an option worth considering. It is simple, the interface is light and beautiful, the functions are simple but useful and more inclined to provide a practical solution for minors of all levels.

As always, your mileage may vary.

List of honey producers


Honeyminer is a program that allows you to extract an encrypted currency such as Bitcoin from your computer using the GPU or CPU.

  • Easy to use
  • Features
  • Income opportunities
  • User-friendly user


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • It can be fun and exciting.
  • An airlock to get into cryptography and take a booty.


  • Few different currencies can be reduced.
  • It is difficult to produce bitcoin on a large scale.
  • Click to start making money

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